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(100x)EVGA GTX 1080 TI FTW3 11GB GDDR5

Would be friggen' sweet for crypto-miners all over. I want to see a bulk massdrop where we can team up to place extremely large orders for builders and serious miners. I've personally had a hard time trying to get any reply from sales with EVGA, ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, ZOTAC.. etc! I get the same story each time, "Oh supply is limited and tight!" Screw that noise! I want to see 100 of these babys arrive at my doorstep. I'm not playing around, here!
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HA! Ha ha ha ha ha!
I bought a 1080 Ti a little over a month ago for $770. Now, while the specific model I bought is out of stock indefinitely, the next best alternative retails USED for around $1400. Good luck.
GPU mining is almost dead. And also No. Hell NO.
You are the reason people cant get that badly needed gpu upgrade or building a PC period, stop starving the market from what was already scarce. Countless of my good friends have come to me asking what they could build with a low budget, and all I can say is wait until the crypto miners die off. They come to me with budgets that wouldn't be able to even get ONE gpu. Stop fueling the gpu crisis.
I’m all for people making money, but when that crypto BS affected thousands of gamers preventing them from playing with their friends I call shenanigans . They just wanted ONE card to game with their friends. But couldn’t get it because of miners driving the price up to ridiculous levels, then selling baked out graphics cards on eBay with a 40% mark up. Screw miners. They make special cards for that ish. Stay in your lane.
They aren't special cards, what you are thinking of is an ASIC. And crypto is not BS, trust me.
No issue with crypto as a currency or for that matter block chain tech and all that it can and does power. My incredibly specific issue (specific in relation to time period and specific to a certain effect on a specific market) is only with the miners that were batch ordering something meant for the gaming card / PC component market to such an extent that for one or two years none of my friends or for that matter no gamers the world over could get a decent graphics card to update or build a system to save their life without either buying a burnt card for 40% markup used off of eBay or paying double that for a new one IF they could get one. ASIC is the app specific chip / card I was referring to. That's all.
What sort of idiot would mine on a 1080ti?
GPU mining is DEAD its all about ASICS now so lets get some of those
oh look the algo switched dang
Isn't XMR resistant to ASICS mining ? Yeah GPU mining is dead for some cryptos such BTC and ETC but there are many that haven't made it to that level yet.
Bro, that card is not designed for mining. Also mining is an incredible way of turning energy into heat and not much else.
Well it helps in the winter lol
P.S. I want one for gaming. Not mining. Get out of your Mom’s basement and get a real job.. Get a shave and Shower too...
I had commented on this very same thing about a month ago. I emailed back and forth with a team member to see if they could get this card. (Crickets). So far, nothing yet.. This would be an awesome card. I would jump on this drop right away.
GPU prices are so fucked up it actually makes sense to buy a prebuilt computer with a good GPU now.
Yep. And how screwed is that?
Fuck all miners. you are the reason supply is low and prices are sky high.
GPU mining is almost dead. And also No. Hell NO.
Hello guys fuck yall gamers
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That poster is a joke, Fo SHO.
crash and burn ..
So people like you are the reason they're so expensive in the first place..
Gotta get on that money making trend that will fade away.
So will that game your on right now fade away as well and at least some will have money and others wasted time. But I like gaming and mining both. When I'm not gaming why just let the PC set there when it could possibly make a lil hopefully a decent amount of money mining.
Massdrop probably can't do anything about because it the manufacure can't cant make cards fast enough to meet the demand also other things like for example the low supply on things that are necessary for graphics card like gddr5 memories.
No. Nonononono. Your kind are the very reason GPU prices cost this much, you're literally hemorrhaging the supply from people who actually NEED them to drive higher framerates and resolutions. May crypto burn and die a horrible fire, I genuinely hope every miner goes bust. Genuinely.
Hahaha! You said "need" them to game. Frame rates to feel like a need
"I want to see 100 of these babys arrive at my doorstep. " No wonder supply is limited and prices are outrageous. Can't wait for the crypto crash.
Not to mention the plural of baby is 'babies'
Go fuck yourself if thats what you want to do
Don't give cards to miners. Thumbs down
I think it's time for me to stop using massdrop if all anyone ever does is try to get cards for mining, and then complain because of the price. You're kiling people's hobbies.
100 at your doorstep? Thats a 100k order... you can contact Nvidia directly for a personal 100k order.
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Since I already wrote it on massdrop itself.... if the bulb didn't go off.... well I don't think it will now.
Lmao right now 100k is a steal due to people like this guy.
It's gonna be tough, they are basically winding down production to focus all resources on the next gen architecture, which is due out in a month or so.
FTW3 is a great card, but I would hold out until GTC to see what happens.
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Yeah, those are just rumors. They might announce it, but I doubt anything new will be for sale this year.
There is little to no evidence to support your claim.
I wish crypto currency would die, it has caused so many problems with the market and i dont like paying 1,200 dollars for a 700 dollar card. Also Crypto mining doesn't go towards anything its just running equations. Now if it was for solving complex math equations it would be different but it aint like that....
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Wow look at you up on your pedestal "miner". Your so much better than us because you crypto mine. If you actually mined you wouldn't have bitcoin because it's a flooded currency. I doubt you even have a bitcoin. Get your head out of your ass and realize if your gunna be a wannabe, at least know your shit.
What? Flooded currency? You have to be retarded for real... No i dont mine bitcoin directly but understand that the costs of graphics cards werent due as much to miners as they were due to companies inflating the prices to make as much money as possible off the market. people like me didn't even buy tons of cards because they don't really make money. But I've mined for years on the cards I have. most of the market is filled with idiots anyway who don't need new cards or who are caught up in marketing.
Why all the hate? I’m gamer and a miner! Why are we the scapegoats for OEMs/distributors that got greedy? They saw the price of crypto skyrocket and stuck it to everyone. Btw I only buy 2 cards every 2 weeks outta of respect ✊ granted I’ve seen and talked to a lot of miners that are truly greedy aholes! But I’m not that miner.
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That's true too, I leave my vega to mine while I'm not at the pc aswell! The OEM's did get greedy in charging the amount that the card makes usually in ~100 days.... thats the price for every card because thats the threshold for what miners will pay.
I wish I could afford 2 cards every 2 weeks, especially with today's prices. You may not realize how much money that can actually be for some people. For example, 2 $1600 GPU's would pay for my rent lol. It may not seem like a big thing to you, but the gpu shortage has really inhibited a lot of people from getting what they need. Even if the suppliers saw an opportunity to raise prices, they wouldn't keep those prices up if nobody bought them. But miners not only still buy, they push the slim supply to its limit which just makes the issue worse. Just keep that in mind.
This dude is clearly a troll.
Fuck miners
I hope your rig fucking short circuits. Thanks for making me pay over 600 dollars for a new goddamn card.
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Depends on what an AAA title is.... most AAA titles aren't even worth playing because they are so poorly done and offer no replay-ability. Ultra isn't "the way its meant to be seen" its just "the way you can spend more money for nothing".
Considering you are probably a console guy as I have 3x 4K screens.... I wouldn't be talking about ignorance.