Move Move Move
Many times the doctor sends people to "exercise", or we may think that we need to loose some weight or get fitter. We need to start by checking the SI joint (gait) as well as the Inner Ear and Vision.......... Please, ask, comment

Mar 2, 2020
Hello. I have a few thoughts. First, do you mean vision and inner ear health as they relate to balance and how that affects exercise? As for our gait and more generally joint health and alignment, I believe the solution can be very simple. Nature provides the necessary variations to work our bodies in a comprehensive way, and alignment is the natural result. Any time we introduce structure and 'flatness', for example a hard paved walkway or a specific weight-lifting regimen, there is risk of some parts of the body being neglected and others over-extended. Walking barefooted or with very flexible shoes on natural soil, rock, sand etc. will do a lot to tone the whole body. Incidentally, I am typing this while balancing on a large cardboard cylinder (made for forming a cement footing) in my living room. Structured, to be sure, but my movements are unpredictible enough to be of benefit; and it's fun! Perhaps that is the greatest element in effective exercise - having fun.