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GPU Prices???

So I just checked up on my build list and I noticed the price of a GTX 1070 jumped up to almost $1,000! Does anyone know what the hell is going on with the custom computer market right now, because to me it seems like its flying off of its hinges?

its also cause of all those damned miners
People seem to be missing the point that it's not just miners but the cell phone market and a few other companies eating up RAM production capacity, then the laptop producers and custom builders are likely getting card priority after them. That means if you are a gamer you are doubly screwed. Miners and gamers are fighting over an already reduced supply.
Crypto miners are AMD and Nvidia best friend. A few months back I was looking for a RX Vega 64 here in Aus around $900 but instantly sold out, thanks to you know who! Right now Vega 64 is selling for $1500 and that's nearly double the price.
My research suggests that GPU prices are so high because of cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency was supposed to be mined by ordinary folk like gamers who could make a spare buck from machine when it's idle. However, some major investors have bought up thousands of graphics cards and have made a business from mining cryptocurrency. With an expanded market, the demand for graphics cards has skyrocketed and consequently the prices have risen dramatically. Many people are saying that Nvidia isn't making as many GPU'S as it can but this is likely incorrect because no company would underproduce when they are sure to sell as much product as they can produce. Correct me if I'm wrong but no GPU manufacturer is creating more factories to fabricate more graphics cards because the cryptocurrency market is volitle and if it crashes, the factory would suddenly become a major liability. My suggestion is the same as everyone else: wait out the storm or buy a 970, 980, or even a 780.
It's all a stalemate at this point. The companies underproduce because the consumers aren't buying. We aren't buying because the incremental upgrades just aren't worth it. They are treating graphics cards like some glorified hot rod. The inclusion of cryptocurrency is creating a wave of self funded crowd sourced processing power that will eventually become a commodity for corporations, individuals or whatever nabs control of them in the near future
That was intense. I agree
I bought my 1070 last year (last April) for $450, I thought it was expensive. I thought I had no choice, my gaming desktop's gpu was out of date, needed at least a 1070 performance card to play games with my 1440p display. I still think it's expensive if I have to pay $450 again, 1070 is a $300-350 performance card. Performance? Fxxx that. Price is matter. Market is overheated. Don't make a bad decision like me.
Miners and scalpers wrecking the market, greedy companies want more for their cards now.
Well Nvidia needs to target their demographic, "Gamers" not miners. Gaming is always going to be around.
NVIDIA's MSRP for the 1070 is still $450. They're not "targeting" miners but miners (and at this point scalpers) are just scooping them off as they come in stock because it's an instant profit. Also there's the fact that next gen cards are approaching meaning slower production for current cards. If they cared to, I'm sure NVIDIA could meet demands enough to not have them all sell out instantly. We just have to wait this BS out.
I know right. I need like 18 more cards to finish my mining builds and I can't find them anywhere. Very annoying.
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Im holding out for it. Now if ddr4 would drop prices
I wouldn't call that a solution (it also hurts regular consumers) but I can't say you're wrong either.
Maybe get a used gtx970 or 980
i heard about samsung is no longer producing ddr5 and start making ddr6. i think they were a major producer of it. this might be the other cause other than mining. I also heard that the influx of pc gamers in china because of pubg had also increase the demand for gpu. It's a mess rn
one day... when mining is dead... 1080 ti will be so cheap. till then i wait.
Just buy a cheap GPU or wait for now.
Only bad thing is the only cheap ones arent as powerful as I need
One way to go is buying a Ryzen APU with integrated graphics and use that while you wait out the storm.
Yep. Contacted Nvidia about when they might get stock for cards and they said they ”did not know” whatever that means. It would be nice if they would just make some more
It would be nice if they could make some more but right now they're running at full capacity and it takes at least a few months if not more to make a new factory.
Cryptocurrency mining. Its irritating me, trying to finish a new build and cant get a GPU.
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They lose business because as soon as a card with better ROI comes out, they dump their old cards, flooding the market with older cards. Or so it has been posited by those in the graphics card industry.
Soon is like 3 or 5 months from now. When the new Gtx 2070 and Gtx 2080 comes out. Then the miner will sell their old card for the new and more efficient 2000 series. The miner will by the new cards because it is more power efficient because of smaller transistor. Miners need power efficient card to make profits. So it is worth it for them to sell the old card by the new cards. This is just what i think what it will happen if this keeps going. The Miner will most likely get the new card and pc builder would have to buy it from ebay. Or Nvidia still manufacture the old Pascal card besides with the new architecture. The new card can mine and game but just more efficient. My opinion.