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What's your grail pen?

Admittedly, compared to most of the people within the writing community I am relatively inexperienced in my knowledge with the pens that are available on the market.
I only started looking into fountain pen after several causal chats with the members of Writing team at Massdrop. It's too easy to be infatuated by the passion of the people working around you, and before I realized it, I've already gotten quite a few fountain pens as well as numerous bottles of ink in all sorts of different shades.
Recently, Edelberg (http://edelberg.swiss/) caught my attention. And I've been lusting over the EB-1023 ever since.
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I will eschew mentioning a typical "price is the product" pen which does nothing special except impress the easily impressed. For a great pen pick a great nib. Sailor and Aurora come to mind. If you really want to impress, write something well with a fountain pen and don't settle for using your pen as an ornament. Better still, write something good.
Currently, my grail pen is the Pilot Metropolitan. However, the LAMY 2000 is a great pen to last a lifetime. It costs $162, but is worth the price. It is made out of black fiberglass and brushed stainless steel, which is known as Makrolon, which ensures the sturdiness of the pen. It has a 14K gold nib, coated in platinum, and is extra fine.
I like attainable Grail pens, so currently it's a Kanilea.
Pilot Vanishing Point Raden Stripes is soooo expensive but it really is beautiful. Another would be the vintage Namiki Vanishing Point with facets... That one is really cool.
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I love my Vanishing Point Crossed Lines, it's a very understated look and I agree with the fact that it's very useful. I own a variety of FPs but I keep coming back to this one. I had spoken to a pen store owner and they had lamented that the price likely will continue to go up because of the import taxes on the Raden material.
That's good to know... or not haha. I can see myself justify the price right now because of knowing that it will be more expensive later and that's not good for my bottom line! ;)
An original Rotring 600...🤤
Pilot Namiki emperor
I'm stunned by the Nakaya Decopad and Cigar styles. Actually it's the lacquering that gets me. Two examples.....

have the decapod aka-tamenuri, definitely my grail pen. By far the best nib out of all the pens in my collection, and dat lacquering... just amazing
Yup, that bottom one. That’s my grail.
Definitely my grail pen... Aurora 88 Black Demonstrator Oh God what I would do to have this pen. Only 1888 of them made.

i have one :)
Visconti Medici Il Magnifico

Sheaffer Legacy I in cobalt laque. Only 300 made. Almost never seen on the market.
Pictures are hard to come by, but I'd like to see a re-issue of the original Namiki Vanishing Point. They were lightweight, comfortable to use for long periods, and had a really responsive gold nib. Overall, not a particularly fancy look or flashy aesthetic but a good, useful tool. The new versions are nice, and I have one, but I really prefer the older design for an everyday pen.
That's very interesting, K.D.R. I thought I was the only one who loved the original VP! I never see them for sale anywhere. Fortunately, I already have a few...
It used to be a Nakaya, Ao-tame blue dragon. Available as long/short, clipped/clipless. But when I actually bought it I earlier this spring I made it mortal, and now it's no longer my grail pen. It any it is now the Pelikan toledo M90X, if any.

You made it mortal. That is a wonderful turn of phrase. Back when I had more readily available funds all my grail pens became mortal except the Delta Dolce Vita and the Pelikan M 1000.
I have 2 grail pens : Conid Bulkfilker Demonstrator in Titanium https://www.conidpen.com/shop/k-dcb-db-sl-ti/ Mont Blanc Meistersrück Platnium 146
Pineider La Grande Bellezza
I have a list of twelve grail pens - I know, I know, it sort of goes against the concept of having that one grail pen. But these are twelve that all have, in their own way, some higher spiritual meaning for me, if that makes sense. About half of them are Mont Blanc Writers Edition: the Hemingway, the Cervantes, the Defoe, the Dumas, the Twain, the Saint-Exupery and the Verne. Then there's the Visconti Torpedo, the Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Grenadilla, the Nakaya Chain Mail IV Twist, the Nakaya Ishime Kanshitsu, and the Graf von Faber-Castell Classic in Macassar wood. That said, with unlimited budget, I'd go for this:
And I really, REALLY, REALLY, shouldn't have scrolled through this post....
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I dunno what it is but I want two - a blue and a red!
Aesthetic-wise, my Conklin Mark Twain Crescent. EDC-wise, my matte black Pilot Vanishing Point
I have two grail pens. For the best writing experience, the Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl. For beauty, the Visconti Homo Sapiens Silver London Fog.
I want a M805 but I'm not spending that amount of money!
My grail pen is this Krone Fiction, in bondi blue and cream. I had the opportunity to buy it, but my wife was so negative, and it was an expense, I think it was $367.00 at the time. Haven’t seen another one like it anywhere. All of them must be in nice pen boxes in several someone’s collection. It probably would cost more to buy from another pen collector, nowdays. What happened to Krone, they seem to have run out of ideas. I haven’t seen any new works from them?
I don't really use fountain pens but I have some old plastic Parker that's served me well. I'm more of a ballpoint guy these days, in which case the full Zebra F-701 conversion to use a 402 clicker and Fisher PR4s. That, a Fisher Trekker and Bullet are my EDC pens.
Waterman Carene. It is everything I wanted in a fountain pen, and I have never had the slightest desire to replace it.
I have one, and it was my daily carry pen for years.
Omas 360 Tourquoise demonstrator
I would love to try it
Would love to try it.
That looks like a nice pen. I like the shape. I've never heard of Edelberg, however, probably because the company is only 9 years old. I've been using fountain pens for about 40 years, since I took up formal calligraphy at about 10 years of age.
My "Holy Grail" pen is probably still the Graf von Faber-Castell 2004 Pen of the Year (https://www.graf-von-faber-castell.us/pen-of-the-year/natures-luxury/poty-2004):

…but the truth is, I'm not likely to ever actually own one, unless I hit the lottery.
The fact is, my choices of pen may be limited by the ink I've chosen to use, which is Mrs. Stewart's Concentrated Liquid Bluing:

…which is virtually identical to historical recipes for Prussian Blue (ferric ferrocyanide) ink. It's a beautiful blue:

…it's waterproof when dry on paper, and archivally permanent, plus it never clogs my pens. It's only drawback is that there is the possibility it might corrode gold nibs, so it is best used in pens with stainless steel nibs.
And for that reason, I limit myself to relatively inexpensive pens like the Pelikan M205 demonstrator:


the "disposable" Platinum Preppy:

or my new favourite and EDC for the past year, the TWSBI ECO:


My third ECO, the Transparent Blue shown here, is currently on its way to me from TWSBI. I use an EF nib to write in my Filofax diary, an M nib for general writing, and I will by this time next week have a 1.1 mm stub nib for cheque and document signing.
This ink and these pens have ruined me for anything more expensive. They are everything I could wish for: beautiful, functional, and inexpensive.
Next thing is getting a new Filofax Classic Croc Personal in Indigo to match:


…and while I'm at it, maybe a new Warwick Streamer CV:

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Do you use the Bluing full strength, or dilute it? I ran across a YouTube video of someone reporting good results with food coloring as well, just straight out of the bottle. (Not waterproof probably, but that’s no worse than most ink.)
Full strength
Visconti Homo Sapiens. Just love the material - Basalt
My grail pen is a Parker Duofold in red hard rubber. I've looked at some and thought of buying one, but they've either been in poor shape, or they're in good shape and very expensive. Some day maybe I'll see one in decent shape at a decent price, or else I'll decide to just spend the money to get a really good one. There's a picture of the style I like on Tony Fischier's site:
I'm a simple bitch. the lamy 2000 is my grail pen, even though it isn't expensive or complex, it fits all I look for in a pen. most importantly, it fits my aesthetic and is inexpensive enough that if it were to get stolen I wouldn't feel obligated to file an insurance claim.
Probably doesn't quite fit in with others in this list, but, if I'm honest, my "holy grail" pen is the standard Lamy 2000. I saw one for the first time while attending a conference last year and was so taken aback its simple design and fit and finish, I was compelled to stop and ask about it. I can't remember the last time something so small has invoked such a strong response. And, lo and behold, I can actually afford one (and hope to soon)!
I've since picked up a Lamy Safari, Pilot Metropolitan, and a MUJI Aluminum, and I'm kicking myself for not adopting fountain pens sooner--they make writing and sketching an absolute joy.
It would have to be the Montblanc Hemingway
An excellent choice. The 139 shape and clip, along with the #9 nib, make for an outstanding combination.
I'm a really big fan of my Lamy 2000 (despite owning more pens than I'd care to admit to outside of our community). Its my daily go-to pen. But a grail pen that is... expensive? Is that what makes a grail pen? I love the Visconti Homo Sapiens (dark age, because that dark nib is fabulous). The nib is so smooth with just a hint of tooth, and it's comfortable enough to use for long writing sessions. Totally consider one for the future!
+1 on this. I cannot come to terms with the price, but every time I see one....