I bought them before the price dropped, poor me. No offence, they did not perform as expected. The sound stage is ok, but the bass is rather disappointing. Too shallow, not strong and deep enough. To be honest, I was misled by the word “flagship” in the description.

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May 27, 2020
did you ended up returning them? I have a pair and I absolutely love them, but then again I am not sure what kind of sound signature you like, your music library, and the amp/dac you use. I like their smooth sound, bass is plenty for me (even though I own much bassier headphones e.g. X00, TH900, TH909), and it plenty deep just not as loud as the TH900/X00. They are very comfortable, and the sound stage is pretty big for a closed back headphone. I do have cans that are more resolving (LCD-4, HE1K V1) and these arent going to replace those anytime, but they sound very special.