Jul 29, 2016114 views

How to Publish a Post

Here is a quick video going over the steps to create and publish a post:
The ability to create a post is limited to desktop computers at the moment and will not be visible from the mobile site. Also, high-resolution pictures work the best: 796 x 250 pixels (width x height) or greater. We can't wait to see how you use the new Talk feature!
BrainFlush, torymuller, and 4 others

Mike. It's been a year. Still can't use mobile to publish? Just looked and can't. :(
Thanks for the instructions, because I am hoping to start a new poll on one of your products
Thanks Mike! I kept trying to edit my post to get my picture to show in the description but it would not because I used a medium resolution photo.
Hi @LisaC! You might have trouble getting your picture to appear on the main discussion page if it's not wide enough. The width should be at least 796 pixels. You could try flipping one of them horizontally? Great post, by the way!
@kristinaten Thank you! I will try that.