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Beauty in the Unexpected

I came across this beautiful photography project titled 'Made in USA: Textiles' by artist Christopher Payne by way of the Messy Nessy Chic blog (links below). Christopher came across an old yarn mill in Maine that was still producing and it propelled him to explore other mills and factories that produce yarn and textiles. It's a visual treat full of color and texture.
Christopher Payne
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I'd love to have some of the fiber to spin!! Beautiful color.
Hi! Are they based out of Brooklyn? There is also a local yarn producer up here in the hudson valley that I visited a few years ago in MONTGOMERY New York. MONTGOMERY Mills. They have absolutely fabulous yarns. I have also visited a great Lion Brand wholesale shop in NJ but they import from Turkey.
Perhaps Ultraviolet? The Pantone color of the year?
Some rich colors. Please more information on these places. Thought most yarn or fibers were produced over sea seas now. Nice to hear some are still produced in USA.
The yarn mill is Bartlett Yarns. They make traditional wooly wool yarns in both 2 and 3 ply.
Brooklyn Tweed is my favorite US yarn producer. They have several lovely bases to choose from, all domestically-produced from sheep to skein. Quince & Co and Yoth Yarns are two others I've enjoyed.