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New Custom Poll: Bexley Prometheus Fountain Pen - Massdrop Exclusive

I'm excited to let you all know that we are going to be offering a new custom pen from Bexley!
The Prometheus fountain pen has more hardware detailing than our previous exclusive with Bexley, the Imperial, and has a more classic cylindrical shape with black resin ends.
This is a new model for 2016, and Bexley is offering Massdrop Writing members the first batch of pens in a pre-production release. Now all you need to do is choose the resins that that will be used exclusively for the drop. You can vote for your favorite resin in this poll:
The top four colors will be used in the drop, which will launch on August 8th, so you have until then to vote for your favorites. You'll also get to choose your hardware color (gold or silver), so keep that in mind when selecting up to three resins in the poll.
Happy voting!
Resin color names in order from left to right: Emerald Marble, Ruby Marble, Orange, Sapphire Chip, Mint Chip, and Purple Sands.
akd93, gorian2222, and 22 others

Sappire Chip, Mint Chip & Purple Sands
Sapphire Chip, Mint Chip & Purple Sands
Emerald Marble, Ruby Marble, Orange.
Mint chip! is a GREAT WEBSITE FOR HANDMADE, HIGH QUALITY PENS!! Here is the pen that Maurizio Stura made for me 13 years ago:
For me, it would have to be the classic orange color reminiscent of vintage "Big Red" Parker pens!
Ruby marble for me
Sapphire chip and mint chip
I am a Fountain Pen nut! - I love this pen manufacturer, however, NO PENS here knock my socks!!! ORANGE looks like a classic though!
I LOVE the pens that Mr. Maurizio Stura makes in Italy! I have pens he made for me when I was made a Master Mason 13 years ago, and it is still EXCELLENT!! is their website!
Mint chip Purple sands
Emerald Marble, Orange and Purple Sands
Orange purple sands mint chip ruby marble
Purple Sands, and emerald marble
Can't choose between Emerald and Ruby!
I would love the Ruby Marble if the price was right.
The co;ors should be as follows.....Emerald Marble, Ruby Marble, Orange and Mint Chip.....I'll take the Orange Thank You!!!
Wish that Ruby Marble had silver/chrome/rhodium trim instead. I have a Prometheus and it's awesome, would've loved to add another to my crew
You do get to choose the color of your trim for any of the resins made available in the drop. :) So... totally possible!
Hnnng, I totally missed that in the original description. I'm so in!
Sapphire then purple sands...that's it.
Oh this is great Love the green and red pens
If this pen is affordable where I can buy it, I would like the blue one, or the red, green orange lol yes it's hard for me to choose. But the nib size will tell it all for me. I like a broad nib but depending how the med nip writes and if it can lay down some ink , then this and the price I'll buy one. If it's a dry nib I won't.
Love the Mint Chip! I would buy any of these, though. I have 2 Imperials (green and purple) from previous drops and will definitely be getting one of these. This is my favorite fountain pen shape, too.
Awesome! Another Bexley exclusive?! :D Just wish that Purple Sands was more like the Marbles. It looks too close to Purple Haze from the other drop. Do we know what size nibs these will be offered in? And what kind of filling mech they will be? Thanks again Liz and all at Massdrop.
Oh boy, if they had a purple marble-like finish, with all that depth it would be beautiful. Amethyst perhaps? :)
The Purple Sands is very close to the Purple Haze, though it looks like it has much more purple in the swirl.
The nib sizes will most likely be the same as the Imperial drop (F, M, B) and this is a cartridge/converter filling system pen.
Thanks! I might finally be in a financial position this fall to afford one of their pens. As an Ohio native, I love that they're from Columbus, Ohio.