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Private hi-fi audiophiles.. let's expand to real gear

I've been following this community for a year or two now and have been waiting to see the program get involved with actual hifi companies promoting home audio gear, not just a non-stop chain of headphones and dacs.
Clearly, getting into high-end home audio can be extremely expensive. But could we get support to have Massdrop pair up with companies that integrate reasonably-priced offerings to start? Companies like Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, Paradigm, Totem Acoustic for speakers. Companies like Rega, Rotel, Naim etc for amplifiers? I'm sure cables and the DIY sector could get components together for group buys to make your own high-end cables!
Let's go people, if you're the type to spend $500 on a pair of headphones and another $500-1000 on a headphone amp, you can get into some pretty decent home audio gear, especially if Massdrop starts pairing up with manufacturers.
Liam4 and WESXF

Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm not spending real money on something without a warranty. Definitely not on transducers, anyway. There aren't a lot of online companies I am comfortable relying on for warranty service.
While I most certainly agree that I would like to see more traditional audio manufacturers, most of them have a pretty entrenched supply chain that involves the use of dealers and little to no direct to consumer marketing. Their sales models don't play well with the massdrop pricing model unless a liquidation occurs within one of the distributors.
But Massdrop could easily begin talks to pick up the latest discontinued models from higher end companies and do limited runs as well
It would be a good idea. Most of the audio gear you see is aimed more at the computer crowd. It would be nice to see some good quality 2 Channel equipment