Which are the loudest close back wireless headphones

I would like to know which are the loudest close back wireless headphones, the other day a co-worker lend me his beats and I was impressed at how loud they can get, not best quality but loudest wireless I ever heard, so it got me thinking if out there even exist other wireless headphones that are louder, your help will be appreciate it.
Note: If you are gonna type about how loudness damages the ear drums please save your comment is totally irrelevant, I don't care for your opinion on my health.
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Jun 7, 2018
Okay and by the way I mean for under $150... Yes I realize some of those big m************ are pretty damn loud but LOL I cannot afford them haha trust me on these friend
Jun 7, 2018
Okay... At Office Depot there is headphones that are called EDM wireless Bluetooth. They have rose gold, gold and some other color. They are illegally loud LMAO. I was Googling the same thing you were, trying to find a louderr pair because to be honest... They are the greatest Bluetooths ever and I mean ever in terms of loudness. However, they have a life, and listen to me closely, of about 3 months... At this time the charger does not charge them all the way... I have literally been through three pairs... nothing beats then, not Skullcandy not Sony not JVC not beats not the Aztec crap that is packaged beautifully but is literal crap. Edm. They are 30 bucks. Hit me back abt it if u find something good too. Please understand I have dropped and wasted so much money! Nothing's louder than them that I have found :-) good luck