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Do you color coordinate your EDC gear? If so, what are your go-to colors for the season?

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I do... My metal items are mostly brass (flashlights/pens/knives), sometimes copper (flashlight) For leather, I really lean toward CXL Color No. 8 (Burgundy).
Brass in pocket (and a sturdy belt to hold up all those brass filled pockets)!!
my edc colors - dark OD Green or Blackened
Not color coordinated but I go for darker colors. Dark brown leather, deep blues and greens, copper or brass (patina!) the only bright color I would carry is red for first aid stuff.
Yes, and everything is grey if possible.. otherwise black, which I find too 'bold and flashy' =)
Damn I like the color choice most of my stuff is standard black
Colour, coordinated
Tend to go with yellows and oranges for high vis when laid down working on project. However my most used item is the discontinued silver alox Victorinox Harvester due to the pruner hawkbill blade for draw cuts and the wood saw, followed by the adjustable right angle Fenix MC11(only available in black but painted blue and yellow to resemble a minion) that stays on my safety vest which is worn 50+ hours a week
I am still working on getting a single set of quality gear (a.k.a. not going to fail within a year). Not worried about the color, except for gear packs, which I color code (seasonal gear and task-specific gear like trauma kits), and then the containers are specific colors, not what's in them. Though, if there is a choice of colors, generally more natural/earth tones, or turquoise. If a couple of my tools had been offered in Hello Kitty designs, I would have bought them. They would be more readily identifiable (and maybe less "borrowed").
My EDC bladed tools are a 20+ year old Leatherman (but I need to replace the blade again), a Boker Plus Cop Tool, and a Husky folding box cutter. The box cutter has a wood and brass handle, but the others didn't offer aesthetic options. I also carry a pocket bit driver (and a handful of standard bits), a mini pry bar, titanium flatware, boo boo kit, mini sewing kit, and a lighter. My EDC flashlight, water bottle, washable dust mask, scissors, pen, pencil, and pocket notebook all look nice. Some even had multiple aesthetic options. The other tools did not. Most people I know carry similar tools, and everyone's looks pretty much the same. At the time that I purchased the lighter (pre-Amazon), black was the only option. I've tried several options to consolidate gear, but they bent or broke, so I'm back to separate tools for separate tasks. I think how colorful and decorative you can go at least partly depends on how you use your tools, and how often you use them. The more durable you need them to be, the fewer options there are. That Hello Kitty knife is sure not to get borrowed, but doesn't look sturdy. If it's less durable than the Leatherman blade I deformed (again), it is not EDC quality. I am in a rural area, not a city. I keep a variety of saws and other tools in the car, because sometimes I need them to get home. My gear gets used daily, and often for tasks that the designers didn't intend. I can't always call someone if my tools fail. If I get hurt because a tool in my EDC wasn't durable enough for a task, I may have to walk 2 miles to get cell phone reception, and wait nearly an hour for help. Above all else, tools need to work. Readily identifiable and even nice looking are bonus qualities, but sacrificing durability is dangerous. Women are tough, our gear should be, too. Pink shouldn't mean junk quality.
Blacked out as much as possible, as often as possible, with the exception of emergency gear which is vibrant florescent colors.
Only two color ways missing now: the Martha Stewart, "Robin's Egg Blue" collection and the ever-popular, Hello Kitty mashup! Who's got the nerve?
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You have to wait till they dry before you shoot ‘em—otherwise they stick to your sholder!
Google em, they are beautiful!
I really like color coding. All orange, all od green, all black.
I'm a copper fan myself
I’m really into OD green. I didnt realize it until I did a pocket dump and noticed. Now I look for it!
I change it up every week...

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I looked it up and it is a Victorinox Warhawk model.
You're awesome
Yes, I use black as much as possible. It’s great at night and does not reflect light in the daytime. If not black then dark green!
Nope. My favorite carry is a ZT0630 sprint run with an orange scale, it matches nothing but is high visibility so I don't misplace it. If I need something a little less tactical I use a ZT0452. All my other gear has been selected based on its functionality not it's color.
how about blue?
what are those shades man?
Julbo Sherpa Glacier
Hell no!
1. Pilot Custom 823, FA nib 2. Nemosine Singularity, modified M nib 3. Orient Mako II 4. Victorinox 0.8461.MWCH 5. Fenix PD35 Tac 6. LG HG2 7. Spyderco Endura ZDP-189 8. Helikon-Tex Mini Med Kit
One of my favorite Spyderco's. Nice collection!
Very crisp, clean and minimalistic!
I have a hard time getting the stuff I like in the colors I like, so I end up with black and steel. Plus, it's hard to find a good jaw harp in anything other than shiny steel. I'd get everything in brass and od if I had the choice.
I like Copper, Brass and Bronze, in that order... maybe. I just love when they develop patina. Also natural leather in Tan for wallets, cases, seats and so. Nice looking patina and ware over the years.
Soft metallics and natural leather... Can't go wrong! Thanks for sharing @TaaZen.
I am trying to talk the Benchmade guys into doing a BRASS Shackle bracelet. The beauiful chestnut and the dark brown leathers would be absolutely handsome with brass or bronze. The silver colour is too bright and won't patina. The dark brass they use for the hooks on their other bracelet is kind of gorgeous, and I would love that metal choice for the Shackle.
I also go with copper and bronze and brass most often.Titanium blue is nice to, especially with that brass clip on there.
Black for evening wear, every time.

p.s. whenever having trouble, one can consult The Dark Knot for guidance....
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Oh my... That is a thing a beauty.
Awesome! Thanks for sharing @dml_1
Black, it matches my soul. And goes with everything. Plus I only own black shoes and belts, so I am omg totes good to go!
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Although my Gent is baby blue.. Baby blue goes with black right?
Everything goes with Black!