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Mito XDA Canvas on Planck in a Rpi emergency kit (that I made myself)


Sep 15, 2020
This is really fun. Do you have more photos? Or a build guide?
Sep 16, 2020
SunnyJimSo this was the original design: Although I also used this: (link to thingieverse at the bottom) which contained a model of a keyboard compartment that will fit a Planck. I also did some modifications like adding a capacitor so when switching from outside power source to the battery the raspberry pi will not restart. Added a fuse to the DC input so it will not kill the raspberry pi if the voltage is too high. and lastly I added a micro usb input for charging the battery, although I later changed it to type c and replaced the power bank for a PD one (I had some trouble powering a Pi 4 which requires 3A current and the switch simultaneously) and I'm able to charge it and use it at the same time. Now I'm working on creating add-on sensors to the MIL-SPEC connectors using arduino, like gps, humidity, temp, wind direction, gas toxins, and more. the end goal is to have them like plug and play devices... I'm also looking into getting a solar panel small enough to be folded into the compartment next to the keyboard.
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