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A Drop Studio Mono Power and a Phono Amplifier?

With the new THX AAA One amp having pre-amp output I have an interest in maybe seeing in the future having a Drop Studio Mono Power Amplifier for passive speakers. I have been eyeing some sony SS-CS5s and a Sony SA-CS9 with a miniDSP. The problem is I still have to spend buckets more on power amps for the two speakers. I want a mono block for each channel but the only mono blocks that exist in a decent price are car blocks. Schiit has their Vidar/Aegir power amps that can be used as mono blocks. Something similar to that concept would be cool. Even cooler if you could some how find a way to fit THX AAA tech into it. As for the phono amplifier. I am just curious if there could be a way to get an RIAA Phono stage amp. In an ideal world I would like THX tech with the ability to support MM and MC cartridges. I do not see this as a huge possibility so if I were to focus on anything it would me MM cartridges and seeing if you can squeeze THX tech in there. Just kind of curious what others think of these two product ideas I had. :p
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