Apr 29, 2018

custom cooling loop

I've been thinking of building a liquid cooled PC with one of those fancy custom cooling loops but theyre so expensive! I haven't seen any liquid cooling kits on MD, do they ever have drops for those kinds of things?

I don't recommend buying a water cooling kit especially ek's line up because they are entirely made out of aluminum. So you won't be able to expand the loop or change parts unless they aluminum or there will be corrosion.
Be very careful about mixing true custom and pre made kits. EKWB does kits that are not compatible with other after market components due to risk of corrosion and compatibility. I'm going to tell you this with nearly 20 years of watercooling experience under my belt.... go big air. Big air will never fail. Is a smaller one time investment, and has greater re-use potential. I have built monstrous watercooled rigs with up to 3 GPUs and massive external radiators. It's all show. Something like the Dark Rock 3 https://amzn.to/2kdbz7F will cool ANY CPU, be whisper quiet, and never leak. On the GPU side of things if you are only running one GPU stay from from blower fans and you don't need to thing of going water.
Tbh water cooling is only if you have high-end parts and really want to push their capability. High-end air coolers are typically quieter than aios and custom loops and also offer good temps. People now a days just do custom loops because they look awesome ;)
Haven't seen anything on MD for this as it is a very very niche community, much more so than the people that would be using an AIO or buying a graphics card. That said, there are some more affordable options for watercooling loops.
One example is EKWB's Fluidgaming line which is targeted at the budget user. They are definitely cheaper but the downside is that it uses aluminum instead of copper which isnt a big deal for heat or performance, where it starts to become an issue is if you are looking to upgrade your loop at some point you are kind of locked into the Fluid gaming line or other aluminum products unless you decide to completely redo your loop. The reason for this is that copper in a loop with aluminum will slowly eat away at the aluminum through galvanic corrosion.
Here is a link to the Fluid Gaming website: https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ Looks like the Aluminum kit is about a third cheaper than a regular copper kit. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
Not that I know. Usually with custom loops you need parts that fit specifically to your case/system so it doesnt really make any sense to sell them as a package