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1. I got a pair of HD6XX from the first run - what type pads are on those?? 2. I just ordered another pair - what type pads will be on those? 3. What type pads come on the Sennheiser HD650 (which is the equivalent, right). 4. What does fenestrated mean? 5, What foam are the questions about whether the pads come with foam referring to? I want to know how to replace the thin foam that covers the speakers; that will also wear out too.

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May 20, 2020
  1. Stock pads are velour (though kind of cheap quality).
  2. 2. Another pair of 6xx's? They're probably velour which is the preferred FR curve for most people.
  3. HD650 come with velour as well but cost double the 6xx so I'm assuming the pads will last longer.
  4. Fenestrated means the sheepskin leather has been punctured several times. This tries to preserve the open sound-staging of the stock 6xx. The normal sheepskin pad is going to enclose the ear fully.
  5. You need the stock foam underneath the earpad to attach your earpads or the adapter will just fall out. You need a NO-FOAM earpad adapter from Modhouse, BUT this is only if you buy from Brainwav or a company that has not bonded the adapter to the earpad itself.
I'm going for the Fenestrated Earpads as I have a velour pad from Brainwaz. Hopefully things work out for you.
Nov 11, 2020
AgelessU are wrong like most people. HD6 and HD58x original Sennheiser pads are HYBRIDS they use velour around and the other 30% is synthetic leather inside the plastic ring. Take one off and see it.
May 17, 2020
Absent getting answers here I found answers elsewhere. For $10 more you can get the same from Sweetwater and get an answer to your questions on the phone plus get the product quickly. For $20 more you can get the same personal service from the Dekoni manufacturer.
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