May 5, 201878 views

Night Mode for Massdrop?

I really have wanted a night mode/ dark mode for a while but I wanted to know from the rest of the community if you guys wanted this as well. (R.I.P I can't post in all communities, I think this is the best community for this type of post anyway.)
Addison_woods, infinitymdm, and 9 others

Yes! My biggest complaint about the site is how overly bright it is. A dark / night mode would be awesome and seriously cut down on my eye-strain while surfing the site.
I don't have my laptop with me so I cant show pictures. Use dark reader, it's a Google Chrome extension. You can have it only apply the dark theme to certain websites.
Cheers, Eric
A chrome extension is great but I would love to see full support from Massdrop
I agree, as one who checks this site between playing games, the brightness of the page murders your eyes.