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Can we get a Culinary based community option up in here?

Thoughts / Info ?!
MeowsephStalin, kstokley, and 59 others

I am a chef and I agree
Like spices or just kitchenware?
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Definitely more Kitchen styled JapaneseChef's Knives, butcher blocks etc. Santokus or any other styles would be great. Thanks.
We did it!!
Yes I would like this!!!
I'd like some kitchen knives.
I would agree. This is a great area of quality items that deserves its own category. To include things like : chef's knives, cookware, cooking utensils, gadgets, appliances.
I think this is definitely a category that is sadly missing from Massdrop. Everyone would benefit because even if you don't cook or bake you know others who do and it's always a welcome gift.
azath92 ? You would only want chefs knives instead of a more general cooking community ? Miss out on really cool pans and pots other common and or unique peices of equipment like mabye wolf conventional ovens owr like a really nice kitchen aid appliance ?
poorly worded sorry. I think that chefs knives already exist, but are in every day carry which they shouldn't be. I would love to see excellent cast irons as well as other stuff. what I really like about the other categories is that there is a bit of interesting breadth, and I think a Kitchen category would really shine in that regar!
just chef's knives would be the best. they are often in every day carry and shouldn't be.
I think it's a great idea. I would squander several of my hard earned dollars for some quality kitchen drops.
Not really into cooking much at all, but so many communities here that I never had interest in before have started to interest me after seeing a few interesting drops or reading some good discussions. Can definitely see a Culinary community doing that to me.
I would like to see this as well.
How do we make this a thing?
Same honestly can't think of any other website that has a place where you can get discount high end culinary equipment . It definetly needs to be a thing !
I had the same thought earlier. There had to be a market for that sort of thing.
I love your ideas. Let's keep building this discussion I hope if we get this big enough mabye we can get ahold of some moderators/admins? Opinions and possibilities ! I myself am actually a prep and line cook and I honestly am always looking or getting super cool new gadgets and tools or appliances any time I have some money ! I would love to see cutlery,cookware, and all kinds of other culinary appliances. Some companies that really would be nice to see would be: Wolf Bob Kramer Messerermeister Dexter Global Staub Shun Miyabi Wusthof Zwilling Etc. I would love to go on but I think you get the picture !!!
A great Idea. Would consider some purchases for Swmbo.
Hear, hear! Yes, please! I'm a sucker for quality kitchen tools. Sadly, the Massdrop might as well just have my direct deposit put into _their_ bank. :p
Good idea even though I myself don't know a thing about food.
Well, this would be the perfect opportunity to learn. Who knows? You may find that you really enjoy cooking, when you have the right tools and some knowledge.
See I told you its a great idea haha. Seriously our pockets wouldn't hurt that bad though cause we would be getting massdrop prices ? Ya feel? Any Ideas on what kind of products you guys would like to see anyways?
Stainless steel cookware. Amazing knives. Small appliances. Bulk and standard food storage containers. Portable fuel stoves. Bakeware. I was kind of surprised to see that this wasn't already a thing when I looked for it today.
Uurrrrrrghhhhh shut up Filero I need my money for food this month *cries into very expensive Massdrop Culinary*
Good idea though
Is there any way that we could petition or at least see if this is in the works for massdrop? Is there anyone that we could talk to Manager<Moderator< Admin ? Someone?? What kind of following do we need to get this moving if it is a possibility.
I would definitely be interested in that!
Can we get some more people to comment on this ! I would really enjoy hearing others opinions!
While my brain says this is a good option my wallet is in full on disagreement with my brain on this particular point.
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I think a couple of your comments really highlight the need to bring this up with massdrop admin etc. Has anyone ever been in touch with massdrop before for other things who might know what the best point of contact is?
I have no clue as to how you make the best form of contact to admins ... but hey this obviously worked I guess lol.