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Hey Everyone! Welcome to the first in a series of posts that we are making in order to bring the Community closer to the process of getting products onto Massdrop.
Each week, we will highlight the most active polls as well as feature a few polls that we would like to discuss. We are showcasing this information because we want to create a place where everyone can freely discuss potential products that you want to see on the site.
Feel free to use this thread to
  • Talk about products that you want to see on Massdrop
  • Discuss specific polls or poll options
  • Get ideas and thoughts from the community
  • Talk with the Massdrop team
We will also put what you requested into a spreadsheet so that we can track the status of the products that come out from these polls and discussions. (
Let us know your thoughts! We can't wait to start getting these products onto the site!

Updated October 18, 2016
Poll of Week! The poll that we are featuring this week came in at 5th on our most active polls over the past two weeks, an explosion of activity brought on by our first Anime/Manga Character Statue drop. Please let us know with your votes which statues you would like to see in subsequent drops!
Best Anime Figures or Statue/Models. Please add more! (
  1. RWBY Ruby Rose Series 1 Action Figure
  2. Final Fantasy Action Figure Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife
  3. One Piece: Thousand Sunny Ship New World
  4. Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit 1:4 Scale Statue
Top Active Polls from the Past Week
Gunpla Model Kits (
  1. 1/100 MG RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka
  2. 1/100 MG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode
  3. Gundam Planet - PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Final Battle Ver
Magic: The Gathering Booster Boxes (
  1. Magic: The Gathering - "Modern Masters 2015" Booster Box
  2. Magic: The Gathering - "Dragons of Tarkir" Booster Box
  3. Eternal Masters Booster Box - English - Magic Sealed Products » Eternal
Legos (
  1. Millennium Falcon™ | LEGO Shop
  2. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer
  3. Poe's X-Wing Fighter™  | LEGO Shop
Gaming Dice (
  1. Pound-O-Dice: Toys & Games
  2. Chessex Opaque 12mm D6 Black W/Red Dice Block 36 Dice
  3. Polyhedral 7-Die Borealis Chessex Dice Set
  4. Steampunk Dice Black/White (7 Stk.)

May 6, 2019
personally an Amazon bundle of the cad m179 and the scarlet solo with pro tools would be rad
Feb 4, 2018
I love model kits like frame arms girl, megami device and other various model kits.
May 21, 2017
Would it be possible to get a Mice and Mystics base and expansions bundle?
Feb 28, 2017
Guitars please!!
Feb 21, 2017
Can Yu-Gi-Oh! get some love? It would be great to see some booster boxes up on here! :)
Feb 5, 2017
Does anyone know when Modern Masters 2017 (for Magic: the Gathering, of course) would be available on here? Just wondering if it would be before the spoilers are posted or anything like that.
Dec 24, 2016
Don't know if this is anything others would be interested in, but I'd love to see some Malifaux, pathfinder, or DnD products on here.
Nov 8, 2016
Does anybody know when the next monthly magic blue box is going to be. It's called monthly but hasn't been up in a month or so
Nov 2, 2016
Is MtG Planechase gonna be something many are interested in??
Nov 1, 2016
Hate to be that guy, but more DnD minis. Never have enough of those.
Nov 6, 2016
agreed! Would love to see a Boardgame Miniatures subcategory :)
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I’ve been a collector of Blades since before my teens, and a retailer coming up on 15… or maybe 20 years. Drop has really been kind of an interesting experience for me, because I do occasionally get to see some unusual tech and sometimes EDC items that otherwise I might not have been aware of. And maybe it’s because I have a deep love of cutlery and bladed weapons, but I find myself trolling through the site looking at it what’s available; and it’s just it’s pretty much the same. And the bladed community here is just always confused me.. every single knife is about the same, they’re almost all drop points and although the handle materials change and brands change.. it’s really just the same knife over and over and over again... occasionally you’ll see a tanto or a slight variant; but rarely… and almost never a serrated blade. And I’m just deeply amazed at this diversion of serrated blades. And I’m just surprised there isn’t more of a request for diversity here.... and I...
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Can we get Sony E-Mount or other mirrorless camera options please..
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Jan 13, 2020
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