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Oct 25, 2021
"WORST SOUNDSTAGE EVER"? Can't confirm at all. At least the Headphone Amp V200 is excellent in every aspect and a very neutral gear. The "Stage" should actually come from the recording itself or from your headphone (like AKG 702 or so). If there is no stage than V200 won't make stage. Btw. the V281 is superior to V200. It consists so to say 4x V200 and "endless" Power to drive any headphone incl. the original HE-6, with dynamic, clearness, accuracy, "staging" .... with an Audeze LCD2 (Fazor, in my case) on the 4pXLR (symmetrical) output it sounds just amazing! Cheers.
Feb 5, 2021
I had this exact same set up. WORST SOUNDSTAGE EVER. Got rid of it. However the Audeze LCD 2 (pre fazor) were the best. After a dozen other headphones I found a nice used set on eBay.
Aug 18, 2020
Arthur, V281
Jun 20, 2020
I have audeze lcd-2 and looking for a nice dac and amp set up. How are you liking the experience with your combo?
Dec 12, 2020
Really enjoying this chat we’re having... Well I guess I kinda did spend the bucks already and seeing I bought that 550 and am angling towards the electrostatic amp now. I’m going to run a Audioquest RCA line out to the main system. Which needs two dedicated 30 amp lines while the subs get 20. That’s to keep the AVS’s and the HTPS’s from shutting down. Since we’ve been talking a DAC sprung up called the Doge7 which is a tube. It’s cheaper than the Pontus but I’m leaning towards sending the aM400 back still haven’t listened to it. Kinda unhappy with S.M.S.L. responses and I know it’s a good DAC. What do you think of the Doge7? By the way I do agree with you about spending the bucks to get where you need to get. I was about to buy too much amp for my electrostatic cans until I realized I’d have to replace them and I’m not willing to go that far.
Dec 14, 2020
I haven't heard the M400 or Doge7. I only know of them. I would tend to assume that the M400 will meet or beat the V850, both being delta/sigma and the M400 being so much newer. I really can't comment on the Doge7 at all. If you paid for a new M400 and the sent you an open one, that stinks. Seems like you might as well try it out, right? I also do not have much experience with speakers. I run a pair of JBL Studio 580s in the living room, that I got on their crazy sale earlier this year. They stand atop a cheap pair of Dayton 12" subs and are powered by an inexpensive SMSL AD18. Considering the weird shape of my room, I think the system does great. Sound stage is not what it could be in a more suitable environment though. For fun, I hauled the Venus and Solaris in there once, but the 580s aren't quite effcient enough for the Solaris' more modest speaker output. Comparing a <$150 mini-amp to an ~$8k stack, I couldn't tell much difference. Something like a single piano sounded more natural on the Venus and Solaris, but a full band playing felt anemic. I prefered the AD18 for the primary use of home theater. Go figure. If you're getting into electrostatic headphones, I should think you would want supporting electronics that emphasize a full bodied sound. At least, that would be my preference, but that's why I've stuck with planars. That Doge7 or a Denafrips DAC, with maybe and a tube energizer, would be things to look into.
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