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Seeking Simplicity

So... I have never had a cover for my journal before. My notebooks are kind of a mess, too. I have a Rhodia book for sketching (one of the side-bound plain paper ones), Rhodia Webbook for my journal, the Moleskine Business notebook for meetings, a simple Moleskine sketch book for Sketchnotes (trying to start doing more of that), and then a simple Rhodia grid pad for random one-off notes.
This is a mess and I don't like it. I have so many different contexts in which I write, though, I don't know how to break it down without having one part of my writing overwhelm the other and then cause me to lose something.
Does anybody have any ideas about systems or organizers or whatever which might help me find some simplicity in the five notebooks I carry around with me every day?
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Sounds like you might like a loose leaf option. Mix and match the paper in your holder, with dividers. See jetpens site for options. I started off with lihit labs (nice organiser and you can get a hole punch to custom add your own paper). But now I use Maruman and Kokuyo in a King Jim ring holder (also available on jetpens) because I wanted to Slim down my notebook further.
There is a seller on eBay that makes leather goods, pen holders of all sorts.. excellent prices and will make custom sizes, leather colors etc. He made pen cases that I had posted photos of on the current drop for the pen cases. I just sent him the pen specs and that I wanted it to hold 4 pens etc... I had mentioned to him about taking orders for journal covers - Definitely worth writing him and asking. Being based in China, the size would be familiar .. I think it's worth looking in to.. I know the price for custom leather cases I ordered can be beat - :)
Would be helpful to know the Ebay seller's name or ID so we could contact them. I use a simple and ancient old Day-Timer, small 6-ring planner I have had for more than 20 years. Its simple and it works. I don't have time to make pretty pictures, and doodle all over my planner. I envy those that have the talent and time to make their planner look like works of art (or a sick mind - not sure of which). I need to get the facts down and make sure that I do not forget anything, rather than have a planner that looks more like a scrap book or smash book.
Seller is sunnyzone25 The gentleman's name is hisone, very nice man. His English is ok - I didn't have too much trouble and he was happy to make my custom cases and did a great job. He has different leather colors you can customize your items. Link to various pen holders/pouches -
Link to a fun multi pen case/roll only 19.90 free shipping - I kind of like this one
What's up. Have you considered a "travels style notebook." Just picked up one myself and testing.
I have 3 different notebooks inside of it. I picked up "Wandering" Notebook with 3 Madori Insert notebooks.
My girlfriend just got me one.
I second the suggestion to check out Bullet Journaling. View the original system design at and I also suggest the "Bullet Journal Junkies" group on Facebook. It's an eclectic group of people using Bullet Journals for all sorts of things.
I suggest maruman notepad holder with five pockets. Comes in both a4 and a5 sizes. Juse use your favorite pad, and store different contents in different pockets. I think you can also stick a pen loop in the middle to hold one pen. I think this is very simple, flexible and organized, without being expensive. I used to carry several folders/notebooks and now problem solved.