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2016 San Francisco International Pen Show

I had the absolute pleasure of attending my very first Pen Show this past weekend! While the SF International Pen Show was definitely overwhelming for a budding enthusiast like myself, everyone was so friendly and informative. Any questions I had were answered and everyone really made sure I was welcomed into the "family". Here are just a few pictures from the event:
Just a small sampling of the MANY different notebooks available at the show.
Maybe 1/3 of just Yafa's offerings.
I really enjoyed these pens from Taccia.
Whoa! I've never seen Maki-e pens in person!
Vanness OWNED the ink selection at the show (only about half of their offerings shown here).
Franklin-Christoph had my favorite products at the show: the Model 66 and 66 Pocket in Antique Glass.
My favorite activity from the show. They had 686 inks (this is about half) ready for you to test out. Thank you for taking the time to put this together it was really awesome!
Overall my first Pen Show was extremely successful! The vendors taught me a TON, the ink testing was way better than I could have imagined, and I even got to meet Brad Dowdy from The Pen Addict! Did any of you have the chance to attend the show? If not, tell us about one of your favorite pen shows you recently attended.
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I plan on going later this year -- what's your advice for a newbie besides what ac12 said?  How do you keep yourself from buying everything?
For those in the living in the North West, the Annual Northwest Pen Round-Up will be held on Sat July 15th 2017 in Portland Oregon.!
Thanks, I will try to make it this year.
Mark your calendar for the 2017 SF Pen Show on Aug 25-27.
I would love to attend a pen show. One of these days I may make it to either an LA or San Francisco pen show, but that would require bribing my wife by letting her go to Sisters, OR for the quilt show. Now if only they would hold a pen show in Seattle. Hell, even Portland, OR would be a possibility. Sigh ... one of these days.
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Yeah, I don't think they will be setting dates and venue this early. This year's event in July was announced in February.
Thanks for taking out the time for the awesome images.
The Model 66 in Antique Glass is gorgeous!
I can totally relate to the fact that a pen show can be overwhelming for a newbie. The SF Pen Show has been my first and after seeing the room I almost panicked. I ended up spending many hours there and talking to (almost all) displaying their products. It was a fantastic experience!
hey mike, you may want to check out this review:

. Just saying.
AWESOME! Thank you ;)
I wish I was able to go to the chicago pen show earlier this summer, but I will be able to attend the Field Notes open house party mid fall when they open their new office.
That looks pretty sick! I would be terrified of having a glass fountain pen as I am pretty rough with them because I'm out and about a lot of the time.
But damn I wish I could be at that ink selection! And there's a bunch of fountain pens I wanted to actually hold in my hands before I bought them like the TWSBI pens!
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Fountain Pen Day says it is acrylic to mirror glass(old coke bottle glass) in his last comments. I'm sure it is highly machined and polished to get this finish.
I don't know if anyone makes it, but there are glass that is very durable. Look at the beating the pyrex kitchen ware takes. I know of several pens which are more fragile than pyrex. And if they can make the glass used in 'Corel' plates into a pen :-)
Gasp! If I were to attend a pen show, EVER... I would end up regretting it for sure. Whatever modest impulse control mechanisms I have, would get trampled by the onslaught of sensory overload.
Take a breath and relax. Take the show a bit at a time, do a walk about just to see what is going on, then go back and do your shopping. And wear comfortable shoes, you are going to be on your feet for hours. And ask questions, we don't bite.
Oh yass, I picked up one of those Antique Glass 66s, which I've been wanting for a while now, but couldn't bite the bullet the last time I saw them in LA. I also ended up getting an unplanned Neon Pink 45, which I couldn't stop looking at every time I walked by their table. Both with my fave Medium Italic nibs. <3