Think6.5V2 LE & SE Group Buy - Gasket-mount 65% Custom Keyboard

Dear Keeb friends: After 6 months of design and prototyping and a successful Interest Check, welcome to the Think6.5 V2 Group Buy! Below are some details of the Group Buy. Some information will be updated. @Alexotos will be building a prototype this Sunday (July 19th) at 1PM ET. Tune in to his Twitch Channel! Relatively speaking, this board has more parts and the GB is more complex than most others, if you have questions regarding the board or the GB, please feel free to join the GrayStudio Discord, the mods are friendly and keeb friends there are cool, they will surely be there to answer your questions. Be sure to check the "Welcome Channel" and check the green check to be granted access to all channels. GB will be hosted on Gray Studio official Shopify site:



[Timeline] The Think6.5V2 GB will have an LE (limited edition) version, and an SE (Standard Edition) version, as detailed below. [Limited Edition/LE FCFS High-Gloss Chamfer Version]
GB starts: Sunday, July 19, 20:30 EDT Price: $449 GB Format: FCFS, limited to 88 sets for the 1U version and 88 sets for the 2U version. Limit to 1 per person. GB Link:
Notes: You may place orders for extra accessories or other boards and email AirPotter ( to combine orders later. [Standard Edition/SE Group Buy]
GB starts: July 20, 10:30 AM EDT GB Format: GB will be unlimited in the first 24 hours, and a possible cap afterwards. GB Link:

[SE Price (PayPal fees included)] Anodized Aluminum: $349 E-white/e-White Dual/Schrodinger: $369 Clear Frosted Polycarbonate (PC): $379 [1x Think6.5 v2 Package Includes all the follows] 1x case, top & bottom 1x badge (aluminum, lightbulb), with magnets installed. 1x Dual-color FR4 plate 1x 16 gaskets 1x PCB (Type-C, out of box VIA support, QMK compatible, ESD protection, 18 underglow RGB LEDs + 2 or 4 Badge LEDs, production version will be a physical switch to switch off the underglow LEDs) 1x weight 1x vibration reduction pad 1x noise reduction pad 1x LED diffuser(s) 1x screwdriver (Graystudio brand) 1x tweezer (always test the PCB before soldering!) Screws, rubber feet, some backup SMD LEDs Designer packaging [Colors Options] See

[Extra items for purchase] - see separate pages and place extra items in the same order, they will ship with the keyboard. There are also extra items for purchase listed on the GB. Such as Think Artisans, extra PCB, extra plate, gaskets, etc. Please put all items in the same cart before you place the order (except if you ordered the limited edition high-gloss version, you can order other items separately and request to combine/possibly refund overcharged shipping if you ordered more than 1 board). [GB Site] GB will be hosted on my Shopify website:, and the pertinent information will be synchronized to various channels promptly. GB fulfillment is projected to be 5 months.

Jul 25, 2020
good to know economy is doing well! Sold out fast!
Jul 21, 2020
Shipping $70 for everyone?
Jul 19, 2020
Sold out already?
Jul 20, 2020
Oh? Maybe I misunderstood, when is the group buy?
Jul 20, 2020
It went live about an hour and a half ago.