Extra Knife Scale Options
Hello everyone! I'm the type of knife-enthusiast who spends way too much money collecting aftermarket scales for my favorite knives. I've got scales from 4 different makers for my ZT0640 alone. I always wonder why production knife companies have never tapped into the market of buying extra/different scales for existing models. Outside of TRM, Hinderer, and some CKF, I don't think anyone does it. For Drop-made knives in particular, ones that have G10/Wood/CF options, it would be really cool to be able to buy just the scales by themselves. It can be a lot of fun to customize/accessorize your favorite knives, and the posts here are full of people wishing they could swap configurations on models beyond the standard factory options. Perhaps, since Drop has a relationship with their manufacturers, they could look into the idea of allowing purchase of scales. Could even just use the units that get sent back for replacement to cannibalize for parts. Food for thought. I'd buy something like the new Gareth Bull or a Terzuola, and I'd buy the other scale options to swap out. Anyone else in my camp?
thumb_upbrian.allan and reswright

Aug 4, 2020
I'd love it. The reason most don't do it, at a guess at least, is they have policies which state that disassembling the knife voids the warranty. In their defense, this is the only way they can keep a lot of people from trying to 'fix' their own knife, messing it up even worse, and only then trying to mail it in for free warranty support and being all like 'I dunno what happened to it'. If you're selling aftermarket mods for your knife, people who really shouldn't be taking a knife apart will do it and drop parts under the fridge and stuff and then want that to be your problem instead of theirs. (Also, this way they can get some people to buy multiple copies of their knife who would probably be content to swap out scales if they had that cheaper option. Always about the dough, you know?) Of course you can build the knife in a way where a scale can be removed without disassembling the rest of the knife, and kind of side step this issue, but it takes forethought. Most designs, as is, won't let you strip the scales from a knife without pulling the pivot at the same time. Then you have companies like Emerson which not only don't mind you disassembling their work, they'll make it easier on you by using regular bolts and screws you can undo with a Philips head or even sometimes a slotted screwdriver. And there's ones like TRM who clearly have seen the folks like us and decided 'you know what, that's something we'll do that not everyone does' and have the customizability be one of their selling points and they themselves offer aftermarket upgrades for their own knives. Hopefully more do get in on the 'custom production aftermarket' as it were because like you, I'm a fan of this sort of thing.