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Drop + Focal Elexia

All vegan version of the Focal Elegia, but fully vegan, no real leather (headband) and microfiber earpads, to complement the Massdrop X Focal Elex (which has a leather headband). Made with Drop style, like the Elex was made from mostly the Elear and Clear. Similarly priced, closed-back alternative to the Elex. Possible additional options: interchangeable cups with a variety of wood, something new to Focal headphones. Woods: Gaboon Ebony, Purple Heart, English Walnut, Mahogany, Zebrawood, Desert Ironwood, Australian Buloke, Bubinga, Rosewood. Other cup options: Carbon Fiber, Gorilla Glass... Please make. Let's hear support. 🙏
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Sep 8, 2020
This is actually a good idea but you're getting a little too crazy with it. Offering a Drop version of the Elegia is probably doable since the Elegia has been discontinued. The wood cups make absolutely no sense to me. Need I mention that wanting vegan pads but yet be willing to chop down another living thing in order to get exotic woods seems hypocritical?
yes, MDF is more effective from an acoustic standpoint than many materials. Using MDF or other similar wood composite also allows them to offer a variety of finishes (including wood veneer) on the same speaker without any changes to its acoustic properties. Machining wood cups is different from a design and construction stand point which is why I said I wouldn't hold my breath for wood cups. They've never done it before and I doubt that will change to sell a few thousand units on Drop.
Sep 18, 2020
ElectronicVicesThat's a good point. They would have to prepare to really get into it, so as to have pricier versions on their store. Although they are becoming more well known, they still don't have as much notoriety in America outside the high end audiophile community. But they've made Bentley editions, Tournier editions, even Assassin's Creed editions, so maybe they could piggy back Drop's marketing and jumpstart it. I could see them even making gamer targeted red/black models. There's the Clear Pro, which I haven't tried. Going on a tangent but I just wanted to keep that door of possibilities propped. In the meantime, a regular high end closed back to complement the Elex described as above would be great.
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