Is it possible to use the Drop Ctrl in the in a similar way to a UK ISO Keyboard?
If I switched the input language on windows 10 to UK english, would the Drop Ctrl be able to work in a similar way to a UK ISO keyboard e.g. pressing shift + 3 would output £. Also, if this would work i understand I would lose the #~ key as it is normally located next to the enter key but on a ANSI layout keyboard the enter key is longer so that key is removed. So with the qmk firmware would it be possible to create a macro (or something similar) to be able to easily type in #? Ideally all changes should be doable on windows without installing any additional software or by updating the keyboard firmware as I will be regularly switching the keyboard between my Work laptop and my personal desktop rig, and on my work laptop I am unable to install any unauthorized programs such as auto hotkey. Thanks in Advance!
thumb_upsalamri and VVolfy

Oct 14, 2020
Yes, you can change the layout setting in windows to use the ANSI CTRL as though it were an ISO layout. Shift + 3 will type the pound sign and the octothorpe (#) key will move to the pipe/backslash (|\) key on the right of row 3, above the enter key and below backspace.