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Good Left-Handed, Minimal Looking Rollerball pens?

I'm looking for something along the lines of Lamy Pico/Fisher Space Pen, but in rollerball form with fast drying ink, being a leftie...
Checked out the other threads but they seem to be dated, so any recommendations would be much appreciated!

The only Pico/Spacepen-like rollerball that comes to mind at the moment is the Kaweco Sport

Taking your description less literally, I'd consider the Retro 1951 Tornado
However, as @Thw1990 pointed out, you are better off approaching the problem from a different angle.
You'll get better results by choosing the best refill for your paper, or perhaps even looking for the right paper. The "driest" gel roller by far is the Pilot Frixion, available in a multitude of colors and on top of that is erasable. Other refills worth trying are the Schneider Topball 850, and the Schmidt P8126.
The tornado is a great pen! It also will take the Parker gel refill, which is an added bonus.
The pen doesn't matter, it's the refill you want to be careful with. I like a standard Parker gel, it dries almost immediately on nearly any paper other than Rhodia and has the look and feel of a rollerball with the added bonus it will fit in a ton of different pens.
I have a Grifos ballpoint that takes it and a few 1960's era parkers that take it. My absolute go to.