As I understand that there are several types of profile of keycaps (eg. Cherry, SA, OEM, etc), what is the profile type of my current Drop Ctrl Keyboard? Is the profile type of my Ctrl Keyboard compatible with GMK Pulse keycaps and Holy Panda or Halo Clear switches? Grateful if any professionals can give me some help. Many Thanks.


Feb 12, 2021
The profile is for the physical keycaps themselves not the keyboard, but the profile for the stock Slate grey backlit keycaps on the ALT and CNTRL keyboard are OEM profile. The first 3 pictures are the Pulse Base set on a Drop CNTRL keyboard so they should be fine on your HP/Halo True switches but don't hold me to it. Apparently some people have had issues with cherry profile keycaps on North facing LED sockets and others have no issues. Try searching for youtube videos, 99% chance someone else has wondered the same thing and has documented it.