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Glycine Combat Sub. Love this watch, but on day 4 of a road trip, I think I need to invest in a watch roll to carry some of the other bad boys with me.
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A watch roll is a good idea, and with the chunkier watches I tuck them deep into the pockets to make sure they don't touch each other when rolled. But I really wanted to comment on the Combat Sub. I have the black dial/blue bezel model. To me, the watch is just about perfect. I own more expensive watches, but I find myself strapping on the Combat Sub more than any other watch. It's a great looking, comfortable watch.
I might have to get the Aheikm recommened one too but this roll is really nice. The interior is super soft felt stuff. I am surprised so far. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Canvas-Watch-Roll-3-or-4-Slot-Choose-Your-Lining/322960760975?
Thank you! Please note that I have no experience with the travel case I listed. I simply like the design of it.
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I really appreciate you going to all that trouble to demo the watch roll for me. I also noticed your Glycine Combat Sub, (same model as I have) and the Aevig. Very nice. I've also been drooling over a Tudor Black Bay. The S&G. My largest watch is the Helberg CH8 dive watch. The 4mm domed crystal might make it a challenge to fit in the roll. I'll just have to wear it and pack the others. Thanks again.
Thank you! This is very informative. Maybe the cylindrical type would work for the G-shocks. Something like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sodynee-Big-9-High-Quality-Pu-Roll-Travelers-Watch-Organizer-Case-Box-for-3/183134404510