Rumours has it that neither Sennheiser nor Drop will help with support of HD6xx in case of problems or if anything breaks. Can you if this is gonna be the same for HD8xx? I've luckily never had problems with my HD6xx, but it's quite expensive for a pair of headphone HD8xx if no one will support them


May 7, 2021
To add an anecdotal/personal experience - when I purchased a Mayflower O2/ODAC amp through Massdrop some time ago, I was SOL on the warranty when I had a problem. Fortunately, Mayflower sold me the required replacement part for a few bucks and told me how to fix it myself.
Apr 20, 2021
I would rather pay Sennheiser than wait until November
Feb 24, 2021
They say don't worry about support but the support I got was a nightmare. Drop did nothing but direct me to Sennheiser and not a single Sennheiser rep knew anything about the Drop versions of their headphones. I had issues with my hd58x and they thought it was like the normal 500 series and after months of waiting sent me parts for those making the process even longer. If I recall it took over 3 months to start making progress on a resolution. For this kind of money I would feel much better buying from a legit certified seller. To risky here.
Jun 16, 2021
My experience with another brand which Drop deals with (ahem, Focal) is, if the manufacturer doesn't do repairs, you're pretty much screwed. I searched high and low and could find no one in the US that repairs high-end headphones. Also, Sennheiser is trying to exit the home audio business ASAP, so in-warranty parts and repairs could be a major hassle, if not impossible. I have also found Drop to have little regard for after-the-sale customer service. As a result, I am now very reluctant to give them my money.
Jun 16, 2021
My issue was a couple years ago but I agree. While I don't mind and do occasionally take chances on things here I avoid the high price stuff I want in favor of authorized dealers or places I have a good history with. The HD58X experience just made me even more reluctant to buy high prices items. Thankfully that one was relatively cheap. The Sennheiser reps I had to speak to didn't even know what the HD58X was and sent me replacement cables for the 500 range. It took months and multiple attempts with me telling them it has the same connector as the HD600/650.
Drop supports the warranty for 6XX using replacement units and parts from Sennheiser. They supply the parts, we manage support. Same story with all DROP + Sennheiser products, including the 8XX. Replacements via Sennheiser, Customer Engagement via DROP.
Mar 26, 2021
Hey Will, I agree, I also do not see any good reason why Sennheiser would reject a paid repair after Drop warranty is expired. But, this is just a guess. As such an agreement in place between Drop and Sennheiser, wherein it is confirmed that Sennheiser will indeed do so would be more than helpful; it might give many potential customers the confidence they need to trigger the purchase...
May 10, 2021
So to net out the official response so far. For two years, Drop will handle warranty issues but don't get used to your low serial number because you're probably just getting a refurbished unit as a replacement. After two years, you can contact Sennheiser but don't bother because it would be cheaper to just buy new ones. Or, we have "the list" of 3rd party places that we can recommend but don't ask us to give you anything specific like what any of their names are or anything like that. Did I miss anything Will, or does that pretty much sum it up?