Why still so expensive? Drop and Sennheiser can both do better. When I first heard the 8XX was a thing, I was stoked to pick up what I thought was going to be a sub-$1000 headphone in the HD800 family. Guess I'm still waiting.


Jan 7, 2022
you need to watch Linus tech tips Sennhriser factory tour, you will realize how cheap these are for how labor intensive it’s is to build them. Z
Jun 28, 2021
"why can't these $1700 headphones be below $999, do better" good grief (and like others said, with the $200 store credit, its 900, which is a steal)
Oct 1, 2021
Realistically, Sennheiser would make a whole new headphone if it was selling for less than $1k, not adapt an existing one at a 1/3rd or more discount. An HD 800S may be “old news” compared to an LCD 5, Elite, or Ether 2, but still trades pros and cons with them. Sennheiser could be like these other companies and release new flagship headphones for $1k more every other year, but instead they’re in the durable goods business (perhaps to their own detriment).
Feb 22, 2021
Considering this is an improved HD 800S which cost $1,499 minimum and had an additional 2 years of R&D $1100 with a $200 credit is a complete bargin. These are not mass produced like the HD6XX series are, each one of these is cut and made by hand it's also built out of better materials and production of these is far, far more expensive as a result. The only real thing I can find that people can complain about with this purchase is the cable, but then again the $200 credit fixes this, if there is another Cardas cable run I *HIGHLY* recommend using that credit toward that purchase since they are guaranteed for life and are exceptionally well built cables.
Dec 30, 2021
They are CRAP
Feb 16, 2022
Thanks to Asrei for explaining the warranty on these. Sennheiser should be ashamed of themselves bowing down to the mass market and profits they are seeking . "Once that warranty's up and the manufacturer won't support Drop versions (as is the case with Sennheiser), you're on your own." Professionals are already moving on from these cheap crap companies who care nothing about their product but just the big BUCKS companies like DROP gives them . Think people, how can they sell an 800s Copy for $1,100.00 Then drop the price to $999.00 and offer a cable when the real item sells for $1,599.00 on amazon. Don't respond DROP allows us to get the same thing for less. I have some swamp land in Florida will sell you for real cheap. Tell this to the real studios who pay top dollar for their product. Then DROP sells the same product for hundreds less. LOL what a joke. In addition I wanted to return them and they gave me some BS on it had been longer then 30 Days. This company change their name so they would not be associated with a REAL company who cared. MASSDROP is not DROP. Oh, and check resale value of drop products. Drop products are worthless in my opinion. You have yours and that is great. I have mine. NO COMMENTS PLEASE. I do not CARE. Sennheiser + Drop HD 800 8XX Headphones    Condition:UsedEnded: Dec 10, 2021 , 9:30PM
Winning bid:
US $780.00
Sennheiser HD800S (lightly Used)  Feb 11, 2022 , 5:06PM
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US $1,200.00 7 bids ]
$31.25 Expedited Shipping SOLD Rest my case.
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