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why won't drop make graphic cards or other things that are high demand? you can buy a used pair of 800s cheaper than these knock offs.

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Sep 1, 2021
Drop doesn’t build things themselves, they commission manufacturers (like Sennheiser, or a graphics card manufacturer like MSI or Asus) to either sell them a mass quantity of a product in one big order (which is why they used to be called Massdrop) or to have the manufacturer make a special edition with Drop specified tweaks. Discrete Graphics cards are in short supply because they are all manufactured using transistor parts made by one company in the world out of Taiwan, and demand is higher than the amount TSMC can supply. Intel makes transistors too, in the US, but they’re still years behind in performance, and they basically don’t even try to make parts for discrete GPUs (just GPU’s integrated into CPUs, and they’re weak). Generally, used products are almost always cheaper than new products. The HD 800S and HD 8XX are both manufactured by Sennheiser, so by definition they aren’t knock offs. The HD 800 has been out of production for quite a few years, so you will only find those on the second hand market. Of course you can buy used headphones if you want; just like someone can buy products as new if they prefer. Another reason someone might want the HD 8XX is for the new tuning, or maybe the color.
Mar 6, 2021
is this really a question? there's a global chip shortage that has an impact on all electronics, it's even on your everyday newsfeeds. if nvidia can't supply AIBs atm why would they supply drop? a chip supplier wouldn't need a guaranteed sale commitment from drop when gpus sell out in an instant in the current market.
Sep 26, 2021
This guy,LUL, am I right?
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