Thoughts on mt3 profile over time?

Hi I'm wondering folks' thoughts about the mt3 profile are after having used keycaps with it for a period of months or even years? Did you find yourself loving it more? less? the same? If you liked it did it become your day to day preference, or is it maybe more like a fun profile to use now and then? Curious because I'm new to mechanical keyboards and got some mt3 profile keys without even realizing it had such a unique profile (sorry I'm a total noob). I kind of like the profile, but at the same time it's a much less familiar feel than OEM type profiles and I'm having a hard time telling how I will like it over time, whereas with OEM or cherry profiles I know I'll still be ok with it day to day with heavy usage. I think I will probably return the keycaps and revisit mt3 when I have a bit more money to spend and decide to have a second keyboard for playful discovery. I think as my first main keyboard I just feel more comfortable with cherry or OEM profile but honestly I'm super undecisive, hence wondering what folks who've had the mt3 profile for a while think about it? Did anybody who was all about cherry or OEM profile switch their daily use keycaps to mt3?

Apr 3, 2021
Love them as much if not a little more that SAs. I prefer them now and use MT3s as one of my two main kbs. I like the way they help me keep my fingers centered.
Mar 31, 2021
Thanks for the replies. I've now had the susuwatari keycaps for a couple months now and definitely loving the profile more and more. At first I was less accurate but I think now I'm actually typing more accurately and deliberately. I tried some oem profile caps a few weeks ago and they didn't feel nearly as nice as I remembered, so wondering if the mt3 profile is so nice that it has kinda ruined other profiles for me lol. May also just be you start to like what you become used to to some degree for me. I think I'd have to return to an OEM profile board for a little while to get used to it again and then I think I could maybe appreciate that profile once more. But in any case I'm onboard with mt3 and will be keeping these lovely keycaps!
Mar 28, 2021
I bought mt3 bOw for a preonic build several months ago, have loved it. Will be buying another mt3 kit for lilly58 I bought. Highly recommend.
Mar 25, 2021
I have been using MT3 for a few months with 2 different boards, one had cherry profile to begin with and the other was OEM. From the first time I typed with them my only opinion is "this is what every keyboard should feel like". The sculpting hugs your fingers and makes typing both more comfortable and more enjoyable. You will end up looking for reasons to type more. I recently changed to a workman layout which, admittedly, MT3 isn't really suited for due to the differing row heights. When I realized this, I put the original keycaps back on (Ergodox stock caps, OEM profile I think). This lasted one whole day before swapping back to (a now jumbled) MT3. This profile is so good that even with random height keys in the wrong rows it is still better than cherry and OEM, though I cannot compare to other profiles.
Mar 12, 2021
hey flooo so i've been using the mt3 profile susuwatari keycaps with the holy pandas for a while now, and i feel like i've had enough time to get used to it by now. for what its worth, when i got the mt3 profile keycaps, they were my first mt3 profile and for that matter they were the first high profile keycaps i've used. i have to say i love the feel of mt3s, and paired with the holy pandas it really amplifies the tactility that i love about the switches. so i have to say that i've only grown to love the feel, sound, and experience of using that setup. but for work i've actually gone back to using cherry profile keycaps. i dont know what it is, but when i just need to focus on getting some work done quickly and efficiently, the cherrys seem to be the better fit. i certainly love the feel of mt3s more, and i dont find that im typing any differently with either. its not that i type less accurately with the mt3s or that i type faster with cherrys, because i am hitting the same 130-140 on both keyboards. but for some odd reason, i feel like i get work done more quickly and more efficiently using the cherry keycaps as opposed to the mt3s. i find it odd because of how much more i enjoy the feel of the mt3 keycaps under my fingertips and because my accuracy and speed doesn't seem to be affected at all compared to cherrys, but that's how i've ended up with my work and play setups. the mt3s are what i use for leisurely use or gaming, but for work cherry keycaps are my go to. hope that helps!
Mar 5, 2021
Hi flooo, I used them every day for almost two months, many hours each day, on a FILCO majestouch 2 with Cherry MX brown switches with silicone o-rings (50A 2.0mm). I find myself loving them more and more as I use them. I really like the spherical top which allows almost to grab the keys with the tip of my fingers as I press them. As a result, I tend to make fewer mistakes. I am not sure if this is useful, but I was initially concerned about the height of the keys and the sculpted profile, as they are noticeably higher than the DSA keycaps I was using previously. DSA is also not sculpted, so the numbers and function keys do really look much taller with MT3 profile. It turned out to be an unfounded concern because, at the end of the day, the overall travel of the keys doesn't change with the keycaps (assuming the o-ring thickness is the same) and the only difference is that the keys sit a bit higher. It is just an offset, albeit of different height going from front to back due to the sculpting of the profile. If the height is too much, I think a wrist rest will solve any issues. A final note, I do love DSA profile and I have used it for several years prior of trying this one, so my experience might be biased in this sense.
Mar 5, 2021
Hi francescob! Thanks so much for the reply! Ya I actually find myself liking it more and more each day. I've read up on the different profiles but haver never tried DSA though I've seen the images of it. I had a logitech gaming keyboard that I'm assuming had an OEM profile flavor of some sort so that's where I'm coming from and mt3 is certainly quite different from that. I think the most pronounced change is indeed how the keys cup your fingers. I also find that the surface area of the top of the key is a little smaller, so I type faster when I don't make mistakes but when I miss a key it feels like it really throws my fingers for a loop and I loose my momentum. I think the mt3 keys feel a little higher than what I'm used to but it doesn't bother me I don't think, and I see what you mean about the travel being the same no matter the height of the keys at the end of the day. I did order some cherry profile keys as well to compare but I'm glad to hear that someone who uses them regularly really likes them!