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Custom 240mm gyuto from Haburn Knives. 52100 high carbon Damascus with a rosewood burl kite handle and a stainless bolster. I really love this knife.
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I've lost touch with the custom kitchen knife scene for a few years, thanks for the share and heads up on the bladesmith! I hadnt seen his work before. I checked out his site: really, really impressive stuff and it sounds like you got yours before his wait list and prices when through the roof. His integral full Damascus bolsters are super nuts - VERY few people I've seen execute them as well and most don't want to be bothered to do them any more for under $4K.
Yeah, those integral Damascus bolsters are insane. That wasn‘t an option when I ordered but I’ve definitely been lusting after one. I do sort of feel like I hit the jackpot with respect to timing - after languishing on waitlists for other bladesmiths, it was terrific to have someone as responsive (and dare I say as affordable?) as Ian. I didn’t realize he had such a backlog, but it does make sense given the quality of the work. He does put knives up for sale on his website with some regularity, though they’re usually gone in a flash.
i like this one the most for sure, never seen a knife like this before
I just bought a toothpick holder made of burl, fascinating wood.
just curious, how much did that cost in total?
wow thats a hefty price, beautiful knife though
That's gorgeous.