I currently use the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 for playing Xbox. Aside from the TB's being completely blue tooth and the Sennheiser's being wired, how would these compare?

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Apr 29, 2021
I'd say Turtle Beach is a company that may cater to a more 'juvenile gamer' market (no disrespect). Sennhiser is a company who understand audiophiles, and make some of the great high-end headphones in the game. That DNA is present in the 38x for sure. I have a pair of Senhiser 660s, and there is definitely a similarity in soundstage and presence. I run the 38's thru a Mayflower ARC MKII. It's a pretty darned good amp/dac for these. But the drivers aren't hard to push. Plugged into the XBox controller, I don't have issues with them hitting hard enough. As for in-headphone surround sound. I always turn those features off. They always take more out of the sound than they put in. Any decent game engine should do all the heavy lifting for sound position. As for the microphone, it's nothing special. Nobody will say you sound amazing, but you won't be ridiculed for crappy voice. If you don't mind being wired, I'd highly recommend.
Mar 25, 2021
pc38x is simple. It’s slimmer and open back while the tb is closed. The sound stage and imaging is going to be more atmospheric on the 38x and the mic is going to be waaay better. The only sacrifices are the built in features and surround sound that are on the tb