May 11, 201878 views

Best wire for diy cables.

Tell me what you use! Show us pictures. I would like to hear all kinds of input and maybe some thoughts on van damme starquad also what gauge is that?

Canare, Mogami, Neutrik.
I personally prefer Canare cables and connectors. I like using their 2|4 shielded conductor + spiral shield cables.
Could I get a link for the wire?
Depends on what you're doing. I wind up hiking in to record in remote locations, so I try to keep things as light as possible. My runs are short, so I wind up using Mogami W2697 cable and Neutrik connectors for almost everything. Since the locations are remote and the only RFI/EMI is going to come from whatever I bring out there, star quad is overkill for me. But in an industrial setting or on a set? Heck yes, with Neutrik EMC on one end. That's just not where I typically record.