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Harding Watch Warranty Horror!!

I bought a Harding Watch about 4 months ago and within a week it had lost its crown. After numerous emails and several warranty claims over 4 weeks I finally got a reply that offered me $25 to get it repaired. The watchmaker has quoted me $80 to just look at it!
Harding's customer service is possibly the worst I have ever come across and would NEVER recommend anyone to buy one of their watches!

Suggest you file for a chargeback with your credit card company. Clearly by any reasonable standard, the crown should last more than 4 months. In fact, I've never heard of one falling off, even after decades. And since the crown rotates the stem, winding the mainspring or, if quartz, setting time and date, I'd say it's technically part of the movement, even though it sits outside the case.
They surely will side with you as you've taken all other measures to allow the manufacturer to make it right.
Agree with trying for a charge-back. Nothing to lose at this point.
But I have had 2 times where a crown came off of watches I (used to) own. First one, the crown simply unscrewed from the crown-stem and it was a very quick DIY fix with Loctite. That was a Wenger Swiss Army watch. Another time was a Traser automatic where the crown stem actually broke as I set the time. I also made that a DIY fix since it was a common ETA 2824 automatic movement and a replacement crown stem was easily available on Ebay. But that was an involved repair that I would not recommend for anybody else since the old stem had to be released, new stem trimmed to the correct length. Stuff happens you know. :)
I did some detective work on these guys here:
I think that they are sort of a virtual watch company, doing most stuff via subcontractors.
How much was the watch to begin with?
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"watch movement, dial and hands are the only components covered under this warranty"! there goes that idea! "It does not cover any damage from normal use"! then what on earth does it cover!
I give up! Waste of money!
The movement, dial, and hands they probably buy as a unit from a supplier who in turn guarantees it to them, so they just pass that along. They are guaranteeing nothing themselves in that case.
Hands popping off seeems to be a common complaint with inexepensive watches, often right out of the box.
As you discovered, a watch at that price cannot realistically be repaired.