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Please leave all your feedback and suggestions for the new Discussion system here!
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Don't know if this has been affecting others but this site completely seizes up on my iPad. I love coming on here to shop but if I'm away from my computer and have to us my iPad then it's a no go. As a matter of fact I'm typing this out on the iPad and had to go back out to google this feedback page because there was no way I was going to be able to navigate the site. Just wanted to pass this along with the hope the site developers/admins can look into it. Feel free to message me for any questions. Thank you, respectfully, Dan.
Hello, I don't know if this was suggested before but i found it a bit annoying at the moment so I thought I would just mention it again. When joining a drop you get the email with the details and all that stuff. The drop is also added on your drops profile page. The thing that I am missing from there is the estimated shipping date. I think it would be much more useful if you participate in a couple of drops at the same time if that date would also be present in some form next to each drop.
I hope there are better deals than more options because some deals here in massdrop cant really call deals, it is 20 or 30 dollars off compare to other site like amazon or newegg, the other site have 2-5 day shipping but one mass drop it takes months or even a year to see your product. I know it is hard but plz better deals. Ty for listening to my opinion
Totally hear that. Shipping is one thing we're always trying to improve in particular, as well as production lead times. Will only get better as time goes on and we grow as a company. Appreciate your feedback.
I know, i am not saying you guys are scamming or anything, I totally support your idea. However. sometime the deals is not that great, i am not saying always, sometime the deal here are killing it. It just sometime the wait time are ridiculous.
With there being a massive shortage of these coming up at reasonable prices anywhere, could we get a look at talking to Nidec about a Massdrop run of Gentle Typhoon radiator fans? Nidec will happily make you any order you like with a bit of branding/etc allowed (I'm sure) in 10K+ numbers. I'd happily order a good handful (at least 6) I'd think there's enough folks wouldn't mind at least 1 or 2. They're kinda the #1 Rad fan bar none though so... the ones that are still kicking around aren't the most reasonably priced. One you might be able to do well with.
These people forward you a tracking number that does not work. Trying to get an answer from them is impossible. I sent a request into their contact link. All you get back is a form letter. I plan on leaving honest and complete feedback (certainly not favorable) all over the net when and if the product arrives!
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Got an email update about shipping within two minutes of your response back to me. I am so grateful for your help. It would appear there was a glitch with the shipping company and not Massdrop. Thank you so much for your help and followup!
Allllll good, my friend. It's immensely frustrating when that situation happens and we totally get that. If you ever run into problems again in any way feel free to tag me and I'm on it. Take care!
My package (Elex by Focal) was delivered by USPS - my wife heard the USPS employee throwing the package on our porch. These are 750$ headphones not potatoes - could you deliver them as such?
Hey just an idea for a drop. Would it possible to do a drop of some form of computer graphic tablet? Something like the wacom intuos?
I am pretty dissapointed overall in my forst Massdrop purchase. I saw the Fosstex purplehearts up again so i decoded to splurge and buy a pair. The shipping ended up delayed so i requested the shipping address be changed as i was moving in a few weeks. I received no response untill days later when the products finally shipped. I was told they could not change the address because it shipped already and the very slow ground shipping was going to take 2 weeks. Their customer support offered no solutions so i hope the new tennants there enjoy my new headphones...
I would like to see a status bar on drops I participate in or past drops so I can quickly guage where I am in the process or how long a drop took for previously offered products. i would also like information on drops that had defects how many there were and what the resolution was.
It would be great to see bundled product drops for the various categories. For example: SleepingPad/ Sleeping Bag Pocket Knife/ Flashlight Backpack/Trekking Poles Cookset/Stove shoes or boots/ socks ....etc, etc
Is it just me or are FreeSync monitors overwhelmingly over represented here vs G-Sync? Most people use Nvidia cards over AMD, but there are hardly any deals for monitors tailoring to this group.
@Massdrop please bring Ultimate Guard Flip'n Tray 200+
Fishing section? It's the most popular (by number of participants) recreational activity in Australia, and pretty popular in the USA (and many other places) also. One piece rods might not be practical to post, but most fly rods (3-4-5 piece) or travel rods wouldn't be a problem. Other nescessities (lures, line, reels) and electronics (sounders, epirbs, PLBs) are all fairly compact and easilly postable.
Well, as much as i like the infinite scrolling i liked the pagination on mobile a lot more and why not have the two options so the user can pick one. I like the new sticky menu but still if a discussion is too long the pagination loads faster for a single page.
When landing on a community page on mobile when swipping right or left would be nice to change between drops, talk, polls, discover and on drop pages between description and discussion.?
Maybe even a button '' Top'' scrolling you to the top of the page on desktop version?
Bring back the vaping section
Agreed, I also dearly love the collaborations and custom manufacturing. I've only partaken in a couple of them but I do believe I've turned at least one person on to every one of the collaboration products. There is serious value in those products.
Another annoying thing is the "VIEW MORE DISCUSSIONS" given at the top doesn't consider the communities one is subscribed to.
Opening MD for the first time a day i've all of my communities given, i open "TALK" in a new tab all my communities still given, reading a discussion folks are likely to hit "VIEW MORE DISCUSSIONS" at the top when done. This way i'm directed to one community only, considering the community the before read discussion belongs to, the rest isn't given anymore. Only fast workaround at the moment is to hit back in the browser, which is something i like to forget and gets annoying wondering where all the rest had gone.
Can we have a in general talk tab kinda sick about having to write about mech keys only, also maybe there should be a tutorial tab where members could make guides. Thanks for actually caring guys:3
Maybe a community for kids (Toys/wears/accessory's...) Maybe a community for Cycling Maybe a community for Woman since all we now is that woman is the key factor that keep the economy going, they buy a lot
I think that the search bar is limited
make an option for weekly promotional emails rather than daily
Guys, this is all great stuff. Keep it coming.
A way of doing meta-polls? To avoid misusing the product ones e.g.
Here's an easy to implement suggestion (measured by how many source code lines need to be changed).
All around the place, there are questions like this: "Is <thing dropped> compatible with <what I got now>?" "Does anyone agree with me into <brain waves converted to words>?"
Many times I find myself wanting to answer a "yes", or a "no". Still, most times I choose not to interfere at all, trying to avoid posting a single word (i.e. posting without adding a point to discussion). Some times, people end up receiving no answer at all, or receiving an answer days later, just because everyone thinks like I do.
I think it would be beneficial if we had a big green, all capital letters, "YES" reaction, along with all other "emotions". One would naturally propose a big red, all capital letters, "NO" reaction as well, but I think "NO"s better be justified and/or provide alternatives.
Here you go; An additional "reaction" which will relief discussion system (and will disturb "endorsement farmers").
Maybe we could add a section where we could suggest new communities. I have a community in mind but am unsure where to post it....
If anyone is wondering, the community is cycling.
I'm finding the "communities" combo box annoying, I like to flip back and forth through "my communities" I would prefer buttons that are always present so that I can switch back and forth.
I stumbled across this thread and my main goal was to post what @drossmap has already suggested.
Navigating through the various threads/communities is awkward. It seems to lack organization. I would suggest a sorting option that differs from the default sorting of strictly time. Along the same lines, it would be beneficial to view specific community talk sections without having to or being subscribed to those individual communities. If someone is subscribed to the Audiophile community, they should have the option to view all discussions in EDC and Ultralight without adjusting their communities. Just a few suggestions. Thanks for the opportunity to share feedback.
Should there be an official "Massdrop" community?
For example, no one outside of Mech Keyboards will ever see this thread.
If it were in Quilting instead, I certainly never would have seen it.
A Massdrop community could be a place for official threads or polls and such.
Good point. I agree and we are exploring a couple different ways to do it. I'll keep you updated as we progress on those.
Allow staff to pin important/popular threads so they appear at the top of the page.
Some communities don't have a "talk" section. Pro audio, writing, tech, and probably a few others.
We are working on opening them up :)
second this