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Especially sad news, RIP Anthony Bourdain

Always seemed like he was on top of the world and having a hell of time. I miss him already.
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He should have just quit and retired to Vietnam like he always wanted.
I didn’t know that about him—wish he would have.
Thanks for letting us know RayF. Very much appreciated. This is really sad. I really felt a kinship to him. I've worked in the restaurant industry for over 32 years now. So when I read Kitchen Confidential. I knew he was the real deal. Only someone who worked in kitchens back in the day could ever tell that story.
It's really hard to imagine that he would commit suicide though. He had it all, even the pretty lady. He definitely had a dark side to him. That's for sure, but now I'm wondering if there wasn't something else going on. It was probably some form of mental issues. But he did seem to imbibe in alcohol a lot. Maybe it didn't end there? I realize it doesn't really matter in the end why. But I think there's always lessons to be learned in life. With everything.
So sad! He'll be missed greatly.
Andy B.
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Demons come in all shapes and size--and we all have them...
Yup. They call that self medicating. Most addicts are addicts because of other reasons. Addiction is a mental disease, and it's usually a symptom of another mental issue. It's a short escape from the pain. Unfortunately it just makes it worse in the long run though.
Looks like they're running his show on CNN BTW if anyone is interested. Someone in my house had it on when I got home just a little while ago. Honestly it seemed really strange hearing his voice when I walked in. Made me very sad. It was the Vietnam episode with Obama. It seemed like a really good episode actually. But I'm not much of a TV guy anymore. And I'll probably just feel sad anyway.
This is extremely sad.
I've never been one that was really into "cooking" TV. The genre has become over saturated with reality TV, a genre that has never aroused any interest from me at all.
Parts Unkown and The Layover (along with Good Eats) were some of the only "cooking" based shows I ever really enjoyed, but I especially loved Bourdain's. The social commentary that was often at the forefront in his shows was really what kept me interested (just showing me a super delicious bowl of food and talking about it for an hour, or eating a "gelatinous" cow testicle -looking at you Andrew Zimmern, is just not my thing). He seemed to understand the simple pleasure of connecting with "daily life" in the places he traveled to, a culmination of appreciating local culture, cuisine, and the surrounding landscape. I always really appreciated that about his shows, the no BS approach was very welcomed in today's Total-BS world. Definitely a very sad loss.
Terrible. Was just watching his show the other day.
Oh man. That is a blow. Suicide?!! When I saw him on The Daily Show a while back I thought he looked worn out, but I'd never have thought. Just Tragic.
Tragic. His show was so good for exposing people to other cultures and ways of life through the common bond of food.