Silver switches or Red switches for gaming?

I know that choosing between different switches mostly comes down to personal preference but I am indifferent between the two. I have owned a Ducky One 2 with Silver switches and I am currently using a HyperX keyboard with Red switches. I only play FPS games such as Fortnite and I just don't know which one I prefer. I read an article that suggested that Silver switches for beneficial for MOBA/MMO games but not as useful in FPS games.
Any thoughts? Which switch do you prefer?

Jun 12, 2018
I'd say that it comes entirely down to personal preference based on feel. I play games primarily on a board with MX Clears, and others with 67g Zealios/Tealios. I play a lot of FPS games like DOOM and Overwatch, as well as MOBAs like HotS and I've never noticed a difference in my apm between heavy switches like my Clears and light switches like Reds. I'm a heavy handed typist though, so stiffer springs suit me and someone else might feel a bit fatigued by them. Honestly I think the biggest factor in my speed and accuracy is my mouse.
Anyway, the difference between actuation in Silvers and Reds in online games is negligible in my opinion, since you're going to be impacted more by your internet connection, server latency, and the game's netcode than you will be that minute difference in actuation point. I'd say go with what switch feels the best to you personally, but there's no clear-cut "best" option for gaming.
Jun 13, 2018
Have you tried Nature Whites or Blacks? They're also linear switches but have a bit more resistance than the Reds and Silvers. The actuation force of the Silvers and Reds being 45cN and the Nature whites being 55cN and Blacks slightly heavier at 60cN.
Jun 14, 2018
Nope, I don't think more resistance is ideal for gaming