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Jul 18, 2021
Not much, obviously, if it’s running from the phone’s output. There is no amplifier chip in it and if it is built into the DAC you’re not going to get more than what’s being put into it. Plus the fact that it’s unbalanced, I would only use this with extremely sensitive IEMs or small driver on-ear headphones. Notice how they mention that it’s 32-bit but mention no sample rate. For $14, what do you expect? It’s likely a piece of junk that will give you 30mW at 16Ω or 20mW at 32Ω, and I would not recommend using headphones with an impedance higher than 32Ω, and I don’t even know the specs of the unit. EDIT: How funny the price jumped from $14 to $19 after I typed this.
Jul 18, 2021
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