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Create a separate community for PC Hardware?

I feel like Tech is too large of a genre and covers too much. It seems like there is an even split between people that just want a new monitor or a flash drive and people that are looking for something more like PC build components. I think the PC enthusiast crowd would flock to this site if there were more deals for things like CPUs, GPUs, etc. I have only been a user on Massdrop for a short time but have been disappointed at the lack of internal PC hardware on here. Is there a reason that there has not been more exploration into doing hardware massdrops? I have been keeping an eye out for a GTX 1070 or 1080 massdrop on here for the last couple months but there hasn't been anything like that. I don't think I am alone in wanting a 1070/1080 drop, I think it would be a big hit and would draw new users here.
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This category required hardware for our PC: Cases, Processors, Memory, Graphics Cards, Optical Drives, Fans and Cooling and Sound Cards!
Judging from the comment threads on the PC hardware drops, I think that would be a very toxic idea... Lots of "professionals" with loud opinions.
I would agree but pc parts don't even get much of a worthwhile discount 9/10. And that's taking into account when a drop for a part does pop up. All that said I would be all for it if there was a large amount of computer parts drops.
I somewhat feel the same way, i think it is a good idea to have a PC enthusiast group separate from the tech due to us getting more drops on things we want, sort of similar as the audiophile group doesn't fit into tech. and yeah i haven't seen any gpu drops in a while TBH
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The thing is, when companies put up computer components MOST of the time you don't get that much of a deal. With mech keyboards on the other hands, you can get an amazing deal for those and more people will go for 60% off keyboards. You say there's a smaller community for mech keyboards than PC parts, you maybe right, but not by much. if people are willing to spend the money that it takes to build a gaming computer, they aren't going to go for some cheap membrane keyboard. They're gonna want good mech keyboards, and when they see that its; 40,50,60% off they are gonna definitely want that. I don't disagree with you, I simply think that until PC component companies star allowing better deals on here, and start putting on more products that it will be fine to mix them in the tech community.