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Keeping Bees? Show us your hive and tell us about your honey!

Hey Beekeepers!
If you have an active hive and want to tell us a little about it, we would love to hear! There are many good reasons to keep bees, but due to some species recently being added to the endangered species list we feel this is not only a great hobby but a step towards saving the world! If your helping one bee and one flower at a time, show us and tell us about your experience! This may help get others on the "Save the Bees" bandwagon!
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Just moved from the Houston TX to the Texas Panhandle and just started out hives out here from bee packages. We are introducing a friend to bee keeping at the same time, it's a different experience dealing with bees in this arrid environment
Thanks for sharing!
What challenges have you faced with the new environment and flora? I am very curious how the change affected the bees?
Main thing is don't expect the same growth curve you get in subtropical area, slow but steady growth should be expected, unless your in drought, then possibly expect the queen to take break in laying to allow the workers to focus more on collecting resources for a short intervals. We won't be robbing anything this year to hopefully give the hive a strong start next spring.
I actually just started bee keeping this year. Set up 2 swarm traps and caught swarms in both! Built a couple hives and have had a great time working with the bees so far.
That's awesome! Keep updating us with your progress!