Jul 24, 2018

MMCX direct connections

Would anyone else be interested in a high quality Bluetooth receiver or USB-C dac that directly plugs into mmcx socketed in ear monitors? I'm tired of clumsy adaptors and 5 feet of headphone cables just to connect a BT dongle. Yet I can't seem to find any products designed to plug directly into mmcx iems.

Is it just me?

I'm imagining two products:

1. A behind the neck cable with a BT receiver that supports modern HD codecs and optionally clips on to a shirt collar.

2. A normal length high quality balanced and twisted headphone cables that terminates with a high quality inline USB-C dac compatible with modern smart phones.

I don't know about item 2 (and frankly, I hope the good old fashioned headphone plug stays around for a long time) but for item one there are several options on the market, including a drop right here on good ol' Massdrop.
Anyone after a quality bluetooth or wifi audio transmitter to use to turn quality pro audio monitors and stereo and AV surround amps that are so much easier to set up without the need for seriously epensive oxygen free copper or even gold leads at the craziest extreme.