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For the love of leftovers

Tonight I came home to a sparse kitchen and whipped up a quick dinner out of.. leftover rice from last night’s Filipino takeout, 1 slice of bacon, 1/4 of one green onion, 1 egg, and some kimchi.

This isn’t gorgeous and I’m not under the illusion that this is gonna win any awards, but it wasn’t bad! For what I started out with and how quick this was, it turned out pretty tasty. It’s a stark contrast compared to my cooking style over the weekends when I have more time, but it’s another (low effort!) way to be creative in the kitchen.
Have you repurposed leftovers into something neat lately? Or any favorite things to do with leftovers? (Yes, I want to read about your weird food habits/pairings, the traditional Thanksgiving leftover sammy you make every year, and even why you dont like leftovers if that’s you!)
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One of my favorites for repurposing is mamposteao, a Puerto Rican dish. I can't find a recipe too similar to what I do, because I add fried ripe plantains to it (which is normal for it, i'm surprised at how many recipes omit it). You can use any leftover meat, veggies, etc, and can use leftover rice for it.
Pretty much any leftovers can go into a wok with microwaved 2 min noodles and frozen veg. Add any flavours that you like.
Totally agree with the kimchi fried rice comment, maybe juice the orange and add the green onions into the egg while frying it? Will give it that extra bit of crunch and flavor ^^
Sounds like you had the perfect set of leftovers for some Korean style kimchi fried rice; one of my go-to for leftover rice before getting too stale.
Totally. What are your other go-tos for leftover rice?
I also do a Korean 'bibimbap' or mixed rice, which is similar except the use of red chili paste and not fried. Occasionally I'll just break out some Golden Curry.
For non-sticky type rice I'll usually try to throw it into some sort of a fajita wrap.
Restaurants often give too many french fries. If they are good ones, I actually take them home with me as they are basically a ready made hash. Put a dice on them and throw in a skillet with some onion, peppers, other veggies or protein of your choice. Given that they are already fried you don't really need to add any oil or butter.
Throw a couple runny eggs and top and apply preferred hot sauce.
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100% correct with the egg.
A manager proved this statement wrong today... two leftover catering tins of fries... I do believe they ordered something like 16 oz per person in the event. Maybe I can talk them into some more ingredients and make breakfast at the office... damn, you're right, never too many fries.
2-3x / week we make: fried farro, kimchi, kale and eggs. super simple, veg friendly, nutritious and filling.
(not so much leftovers, but a back-up meal if we haven't planned anything)
my friend sent me a recipe for "lazy zucchini thing" which is just diced zucchini, bell pepper, olives and tomatoes with ground meat and whatever seasonings you have in a skillet. I added onions to mine too. it's good and it works for fajitas if you're into that.
Very into that.
I have a hell of a cold right now and in my snot filled stupor last night i dumped a scrambled egg and a skillet cooked zucchini and white rice together and it was actually amazing
LOL! Still sick, last night I accidentally overcooked noodles and they ruined my stir fry with their mushiness.. ate enough to be full and the dog got a gourmet meal. Tonight is probably eggs again since I forgot to take out the veal...
Sure! At least one a month, I round up all the stray leftovers hiding in the back of the fridge and lay them all out on the counter. If I can't figure out a sensible meal to make with them, I just pop everything into the blender and call it protein shake--don't forget to remove any bones and packaging first ;- )
Does this method usually end well? Someone in my office vouches for blending leftover Chinese food and I just cannot even bring myself to consider that.
Mmm...three-day old, Chinese take-out pate--sounds delish! I'm thinking spread on a water cracker topped with sliced pimento stuffed olives. Your guests will be amazed!
--but I wouldn't eat it ;- )