Jul 28, 2018

Fail-proof Beginner Sushi Recipe (if such a thing exists!) :D

So I got invited to an Aussie-Barbie for the first time by a vegan friend of mine after just a month in the country. I'd like to bring something different that'd be easy and mess-free for everyone to eat. However, due to his diet needs and my inexperience with that realm of foods, I think sushi would be an ideal choice (I've got a nice little rice cooker after all)- the only caveat being that I've never even seen a recipe for it before! His family will be there, too, so failure is not an option XD

Things you'd need 1) Japanese rice + Rice vinegar - Lots of websites and videos to show you the ratios, but I just add vinegar to the cooked rice, and taste it. 2) Frozen sweet corn + Kewpie mayo + Light soy sauce + Black pepper - Oh so good, try around with the ratios, don't add too much light soy! Start little and work your way up. 3) Avos + salt 4) I'll have a think about it