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Coffee Addiction

What’s your favorite brew method ?
My morning ritual usually starts with Nespresso drip coffee, it’s quick, easy and really a no brainer. This weekend we got a little fancy and made a cappucino, I think we found our not so lazy Sunday caffine kick!
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I prefer a siphon brewer a.k.a. vacuum pot, it produces the best tasting coffee, but usually use a Keurig because I don't have enough time for anything else. I would love to get a professional espresso machine and coffee roaster, though.
My ritual is french press. Kudos to a kitchen conundrums youtube video and some trial-and-error, this is my setup right now.
  1. Bring 12 oz+1 tbsp water to boil. Get the coffee maker in place meanwhile.
  2. Just when the water comes to boil, take it off the heat. Pour a little water in coffee maker, swirl and throw water away.
  3. After 20 seconds, pour in 4 tbsp grounds in coffee maker, then just enough water to cover the grounds.
  4. Wait 10 seconds, pour rest of water in and give a stir with a spoon. Brew for 4 mins for a medium roast, 3.50 for a light roast. Not a second more or less.
  5. Pour immediately and (finally) enjoy!
I've come to love my Nespresso, it's just so easy and makes a consistently enjoyable cup.
I make a pour-over at home with a Kalita Wave. Usually around a 1:15 brew ratio. Bonavita's 1 L gooseneck kettle is great for holding temperature where you want it and maybe once a month or so I'll order 3rd Wave Water and just add it to gallons of distilled water from the grocery store. Ialmost prefer making coffee at home as I have yet to find shops I like that are conveniently located in my new city. I don't want to take that foray into home roasting yet, I feel like I'd sacrifice a ton on quality over a roaster I respect for the simple fact that I'd take on far more uncontrolled variables, same with espresso tbh.
ha! I love your comment-- "more uncontrolled variables"! You must run statistically designed experiments for a living. Good one.
I do!
Aeropress or Vacuum brew. I roast my own coffee with a Behmor.
I am a complete nut about coffee not only do I have that espresso machine, I roast my own coffee on this.

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What kind /model is it?
Arc imported by Crop to Cup out of New York.
I started out with a LaPavoni manual machine, and later I had one of those $2K monster espresso machines. These days I live in a smaller space, and my favorite is Aeropress, and I am now trying out Cafflano. If I need an authentic espresso, I go to an Illy cafe. Still the best. Starbucks really does not cut it, but it'll do if I have to travel too far for Illy.
It would be useful to us novices(like strong coffee but still just grind beans from the store and use a simple coffee maker) if you could offer some specifics: -- what makes espresso so much better tasting than strong coffee. Is it possible to verbally describe the taste difference and details why you must have this instead of regular strong coffee? -- If I was to move up to an expresso maker and did not want to spend over, say, $300, could you recommend something close? -- details about why you like Aeropress and Cafflano? thanks!
I thumb my nose at purists! Was considering a Jura E8, but at the last minute decided on this one. Won't arrive for another three days...
Buy the way, ultimately, all machines are "one-button" machines, as in: "add to cart"
OK, so what is it? model #? cost?
This is it--costs a bundle but there's a 20% OFF code on this link: https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/saeco-xelsis-superautomatic-espresso-machine?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5NPjBRDDARIsAM9X1GJDQ1fg8UcrNo4tf8gtwVIu4PR1TcHqAdcuMmJWK3vjpLtL6fbh9R8aAgVNEALw_wcB Been using it daily since xmas without issues--makes great coffee! Good luck...
My favorite right now is exploring around for small batch roasters with interesting tasting notes. I then Hand grind the beans in my even grind burr grinder and use three scopps of the nice and fresh super aromatic grounds to place in my 6 cup french press Fill it with room temp water and leave on the counter covered for 12 hours. The best version of cold brew you could ask for. And super strong without the bitter taste! I take the leftovers ( if there is any) and freeze into ice cubes or put into a bottle in the fridge for drinking the next day that way I can have some iced coffee without the watered down effect. If you crave hot coffee. just mincrowave for about a minute. Or to desired temp The result is still a bitter free coffee with all the aromatics and flavor profiles enhanced due to the lack of scalding!
Amen. I typically start my coffee "aventure" by donning my favorite merino wool sweater and meandering down to the Albertson's market in my 10 year old Honda. At once, the smells of slovenly, unwashed shoppers greet my nose, alas, what is that? The awakening scent of many-hours-old, large batch, store brand java assaulting my eagerly awaiting olfactory. I lovingly pick up a Styrofoam cup, the chalice to my morning ritual, and, with a knowing smile, press the button to fill its contents with the aging watery blackness. The slightly acrid smell waters my eyes as I lift its contents to my mouth. At once my tongue is scalded, protecting me from the unsettling flavors of too-young beans roasted too long. "Fucker!" I yelp, but the damage is done, and my day has begun.
Love the mug, love the coaster so much. I use my espresso machine. Steamy frothy coffee and frothed milk is my go to. Lattes for dayssssssss
Glad to see that you are enjoying our JoyJolt glassware!
I pull shots with this!
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Do it! It took me 4 years to finally pull the trigger I was worried that I would spend a lot of money and never get a good shot. I wish I would have done it sooner.
ahhh I just bought an espresso machine that is obviously way cheaper and it does the trick for me. However, I told myself I will one day own a legit expensive espresso machine. I don't have the guts!!! I'll spend $3000 on a computer but think it's too much for espresso lolol
Favorite is probably a smooth espresso injected via a cortado.
Ritual: standard drip coffee + two scoops vital proteins collagen + dash of cream. Result is you've snuck in 18 grams of protein as you finish the last sip.