Record Player community?

I think that we all need to face it, records are a bit of a thing now, and every 40 year old nostalgic and 18 year old hipster wants to get in (or get back in) the vinyl game.  It's understandable that many people think that anything related to records and record players should be filed under "Audiophile" but I think it would be best as it's own community.  There are many people in and entering the record player community and I think Massdrop is in an excellent place not only to cater to those who need a player, but also sell record cleaning and storage accessories, as well as building a fan-base for records themselves.
I could easily understand why some who are new to records would be attracted to the knowledge to be gained by chatting with record veterans.  Making Massdrop a place where people could find all things vinyl would be very fun.  I'm imagining not only records and record players but also record storage, record cleaning, and turntable accessories in general.
I'd like to know what other members felt on this topic, I recently joined the vinyl-record bandwagon and can totally see MD building a community around this.

Thanks for your time,
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Dec 7, 2016
Having suggested at least 1 and been party in various other chats on the subject: My experience has been that Massdrop doesn't accept suggestions for new communities. I must say though, that this one fits quite comfortably within an existing community and I'd guess that Massdrop will see it the same way. There have been plenty of vinyl related drops on the site in the past, but I don't think they gained much traction so there aren't many of them these days.
Still though I'll sign on in case something different happens this time.