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Broken Item

I received a broken item from Massdrop (a Stipula pen) and have not gotten a response from them despite two emails and notes on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately it was a Christmas gift, but I just need an answer from them to see if I can get a replacement in time. Any idea on how to reach the support folks? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Alex for all of your help! I sent the pen back and got a refund.
Hey there @tonian. How are you emailing them? Did you go to your Transactions tab and file a ticket?
edit: Looked into it and see your emails. It looks like someone replied on Tuesday. Can you please confirm your email is correct under and look through your spam folders in case it got filtered? Let me know if you can't find it.
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Yeah, well, I was trying to get it out of my spam folder and accidentally deleted it...anyone I could contact about this? Thanks for helping.
No worries. I'll ping CS to resend