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Interest Check: Fountain Pens

Hi all,
We'd love to hear more details on the different fountain pens you like. We do our best to source a variety of different brands, types and styles, and are always looking to stay in tune with the interests of the community.
· What do you look for in a fountain pen? · What kind of nibs do you prefer? · Are there particular models and brands you like?
Your suggestions and feedback are taken into account when we look for new products to put on the site so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and any preferences you have in between.

Check out our past and current fountain pens here:
EddyBrooks, Ryan Frias (SirClaw), and 29 others

I like large pens with a clean and modern design. Like the Lamy 2000 (that is at the very top of my wish list) or Faber Castell E-motion (that I just bought). I got the Triton Zero here which I like very much. I signed up for the two recent Italix pens too. Metal body is a bonus to me, I don't like demonstrators at all. My max price is around 100 dollars. I prefer a fine or medium nib, since my handwriting is horrible and even a medium is too broad for my work but works at home. Steel nib is ok. I only ever had one gold nib and I ruined it by holding the pen in a too loose grip and dropping it four inches, nib down, on the paper....
Pen BBS 469 the double ended fountain pen from China. Also rollerball convertible.
That's the first fountain pen that I received! I like it a lot
Some good Chinese pens from manufacturers like PenBBS or Live in You. PenBBS ink would be wonderful! Have heard good things about the ink, but very hard to source outside of China. Also, unusual pens, e.g. They've managed to make glass nibbed pens with with different sized nibs! Otherwise, Japanese pens with EF nibs, Sailor, Pilot, Platinum.
Well, my current favourite (namely, pens I use daily or almost daily) are: * Pelikan 205 Olivine with a medium nib * Delta Nazareth 2000 with a medium nib * Parker 51 with a medium nib * Sheaffer Targa 1001 with a fine nib and * Delta Lugdunum with a fine nib I mostly prefer medium and fine nibs, but sometimes I use broad and double broad nibs. I still hope to get my hands on a Nagahara-nibbed Sailor. In a pen I look for an easy flow over paper, including some not-so-good paper types I get at the office, mostly simple lines. I prefer lighter pens.
Got tired of using cartridge fountain pens so I bought a TWSBI Mini with a stub nib. Wonderful pen while it lasted. Kept loving demonstrator fountain pens so I got a Opus 88 Koloro Demonstrator F and M nibs - beautiful pen. I do field work so I had to get a more robust pen, I bought a Kaweco Brass Sport with a F nib - nearly indestructible.
I just got my first 2 pens since middle school. Obviously I don't know anything about fountain pens but I got Two of the rightchoicepaintingcompany pens. One is F one is extra fine. I've only got ink in the brass one with Jacques Herbin Emeraude de Chivor. I love this pen. I find myself writing gibberish because I apparently have nothing to say but want to use the pen its so nice.
Nibs are both Bock. Brass is full brass. EF Copper is also titanium with anodized blue / purple. F Both are a ball tip. If that's the right way to put it. Applying pressure doesn't add width to the lines. I do have the Calligraphy Super Starter Set that massdrop offered but I have yet to touch it.
What do I look for? Design, ink flow, nib choice, how it fits in my collection What nibs do I prefer? Fine, Flexible, Medium-fine Favorite brands and models? Pelikan M 400, Nakaya (any), Sailor 1911 Large, or King of Pens I do Not want a two for where both pens are identical. If I buy through Massdrop, I expect a significantly better price than I get from a full service retailer
I'm a big fan of Wahl-Eversharp pens. I also enjoy Aurora, Platinum, and others. I tend to prefer interesting nibs, if possible in gold. I really dislike transparent pens (demonstrators), and I prefer my pens not to be too heavy.
Pens: Would love to see some of the mid-tier Sailors and Pilots. I love the nibs from these companies. The M-F offering from both is my sweet spot. 823's, Custom 74's, 1911's, Realo's, Pro Gears. Unfortunately both of these companies adhere to very strict selling programs - to the point where grey market may be an issue for this Platform. Stay away from the kit pens - the sections are predominantly too thin and too slippery to be used for longer writing sessions. Note-takers are best served with a snap cap (my favorite of these is the Faber-Castell essentio) - twist caps are better if the pen will be uncapped for longer writing sessions. Be wary of too many Jowo & Bock nibs - these companies supply the majority of nibs these days, and from my perspective this makes things a little boring. While I don't drool over demonstrators, I do like to see how much ink is left in my pen. Staining inks make short work of demonstrators, whereas cartridge-converters can be easily (and cheaply) replaced. The downside is of course ink capacity. I will buy an Aurora 88 some day, but probably never a Visconti or Montegrappa. It's a personal thing - too many of the Visconti's have too much bling, and they've been cursed with poor performing nibs right out of the box for too long. Paper: I'd like to see some Tomoe River notebooks offered, along with other fountain pen friendly options. Rhodia and Clairefontaine make great things to write on, but a little more diversity would be nice. Kokuyo, APICA, Midori, LIFE, Tsubame, etc. Ink: Would also love to see more ink vendors in play. The recent past has seen the launch of some excellent ink manufacturers and I've yet to see these (perhaps I've missed them). Pilot Iroshizuku, Pelikan Edelstein, KWZ, Robert Oster, Colorverse, Kyo No Oto, Organics Studio, Platinum, Blackstone, 3 Oysters, etc...are but a few that may serve to spruce up the ink selection here on Massdrop. And there are a ton of others that deserve mention here also but their names escape me.
I like Pilot and Lamy pens. Especially with soft gold nibs. I also like rich inks
Prefer flex, stub or calli type nibs, piston or converter pens and interesting colors and patterns. Vintage flex would be nice altho probly too pricey. Price <= 50 USD
> Vintage flex would be nice altho probly too pricey. Vintage flex would be very nice, but I doubt price would be the determining factor for Massdrop. Trying to find a couple dozen NOS (new old-stock) fountain pens with vintage flexible nibs on them would be a near impossible task. Nice to wish for nevertheless. :)
I love Aurora and Montblan. I prefer piston filler type then converter type.
An exclusive run for Massdrop by PenBBS would be nice. Maybe a custom acrylic for their bulkfiller or vacuum filler.
I'd love to see a Kaweco Liliput in Brass Wave. Every time the Liliput drop comes by I want to get on it but I know I won't be satisfied with the plain brass. For something a little more exotic, the TaoBao Lamy 2000 demonstrator knockoff is a partially 3D printed pen and might generate interest from the tech drop community.
Conid would be another good one to showcase. Kaweco's are always a hit. I'd like to see some flex nib pens too. Pilot Vanishing Points, Lamy 2000, those always sell well.
I would like to see more pens from India. I love some of their designs and materials.
I love Indian pens. Can get these at FPR PENS (Fountain Pen Revolution Pens). I especially like the Guider Zimbo Ebonite Pens. They are massive pens, well made, really quality products. They are hand made. They are available in various Jowo nibs. I like the Jowo broad and stub nibs. Price is reasonable for what you get. Raelly love FPR’s GUIDER ZIMBO EBONITE PENS , both clear demonstrators and solid colors. GREAT PENS!!!
I would love to see more "everyday" pens at a price point below $50.00. Outside of that, demonstrators are always fun.
HI. I prefer clean modern style or pens with colourful finishes. Less common nib options like iltaic, stub or music would be a bonus. Lamy, Otto Hutt, Waldmann, Sailor & Pilot.
I have been putting off buying a bunch of Noodler's Ahabs. I have a few cool inks that I prefer to use a flex nib for, and changing out colors is annoying.
Larger pens with F, EF, or even thinner nibs
I have big hands and need a thicker pen - would be interested in something with a high diameter grip. Also +1 for metal bodies and fine nibs.
Hmm, I would challenge Massdrop to get Parker to bring back an International version (cartridge/converter) of the 51.
Pilot are my favourite brand. I'd be all over a Pilot 74 drop , especially with EF nibs and color options.
I'd live to see some Platinum century special editions. Especially with rhodium/silver hardware. The Lakes models were really cool. Also would like to see a Pelikan m605 drop. I should save up some money in case these do happen!
TWSBI, Sailor, Pilot, Pelikan, Platinum, Visconti, Kanilea. I would prefer colors and/or unique finishes. I like well-constructed but affordable statement pens. I prefer western F, M, and stubs. Inks, I like unique colors and sheening inks. I never use cartridges. It'd be nice to see some good pen cases as well. I wish I had joined in time to snag the wh/turq Pelikan LE.
Sailor, Visconti, Pilot/Namiki, TWSBI, Diplomat, Pelikan, Monteverde, Platinum. I prefer a smaller nib, Japanese fine or Western EF. But I also use small Italics like 0.5mm Italics (Super 5 or Nemosine 0.6mm). The most important thing is I LOVE COLOR!! I will never spend a cent on a black, silver, gold, gray, or white FP. If it’s not fun to look at, I don’t want to write with it! I LOVED the Diamond ink Massdrops (30 ml bottles and shimmering - I took advantage of many of those deals!). Many FP enthusiasts do not use cartridges, but I do when I travel and when I need to be compact. I’d definitely enjoy a deal like that with Diamine cartridges, or Monteverde, or Private Reserve!
Aurora, Marlen, Sailor, Maki-e
Aurora, Montegrappa,Visconti, DuPont,pelican.
I like fountain pens that feel expensive even when they arent (ones that have heft or use high quality materials). I prefer EF/F/M to larger nibs. My favorite everyday carry pens are TWSBI classic/eco, Pilot vanishing point or Lamy 2k.
Is it normal for an every day carry pen to be around $160? I don't have anything like a Lamy 2K yet but I'm interested and it would likely reside at my desk for daily work...
Yeah, depends on what you're using it for. I used to carry around a Pilot custom 74 and those are about the same. Just have a good case.