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Hammock Straps?

Well lads, I drunk-purchased the Byers hammock on the last drop and luckily it seems solid! Happy with the buy... other than the fact that I somehow didn't spring for the optional straps, smh. Whiskey makes me cheap I guess.
Anyway, there seems to be a whole lot of sellers on the market with a wide array of prices. As this is my first hammock, does anyone have any tips / experience / recommendations for aftermarket straps? And maybe flies? I live in Canada & I'm hoping for something lightweight enough for 2-3 day hikes if possible.
Currently eyeing the ENO Atlas
but all those dirt-cheap Chinese sellers on ebay are tempting... what's a reasonable price and practical weight / length? Best to get straps with or without carabiners?
Don't leave me hanging... the suspense is killing me! :^)

I’ve just gone to HomDepot & purchased about 10 ft of some good braided rope “the kind with the soft outer fill to it “ It works great for 1 or 2 days of camping 👌
I use the python straps for two reasons: wider so less chance of doing unintentional damage to the tree, and long so if I need to wrap around a big rock or trees are wide apart I don't have any issues. When considering weight, it really depends on you personally - 12oz is reasonable to me for the flexibility the python straps give. If you have a base weight you're trying to hit, just make your decision around that. Get all the other gear dialed in/estimated, see what you have left over, then hunt for straps that fit your weight goals.
Good luck!
Those eno's will be fine. That's what I have, but basically any nylon (or similar) straps of that type are going to work just fine.
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Yeah I suspect a lot of my future hammock gear will come from Dutch. Seems like very thoughtful designing, top to bottom. Can't wait to learn more..
I like the tarp worms because I use a Winter Dream Tarp from UGQ with the end pole mod. The tarp worms allow me to quickly convert from "storm mode" to "porch mode" without tying/untying any knots. Pull the loose end of the guyline, raise the side to desired height, loopback on the hook warm and you're done.